St. Pancras International

Does anyone else love train stations like I do?  Funny thing is, I never really knew how much I loved them until I got serious about my photography.  They are just awesome, and the train stations in Europe are fabulously awesome.

I have been to several train stations in the US, and the only one so far that has really impressed me was the one in Kansas City.  Now THAT is a great place.  But otherwise, I have mostly fed this addiction of mine while in Europe.  Of course, I am not complaining.

This is St. Pancras International in London, which is the home to the Eurostar train.  If you aren’t familiar with it, that is the train that goes under the English Channel and takes you to France.  It’s pretty kick ass, actually.  Plus it sounds cool to say “yeah, I took the Chunnel from London over to Paris” when talking to your friends.  :-)

Anyhoo, I was there one afternoon with some photo friends (and not there for a train ride) to take a few pics.  I love the architecture here.  The big glass arched ceilings get me every time.  That’s part of the draw for me.  I guess the other part is the sheer size.  These places are cavernous, to say the least. 

Plus, I have a major addiction to my wide angle lens, and places like this are perfect subjects for it!