Sunset at the Griffith Observatory

Sunset at the Griffith Observatory

Sunset at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles...

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Fog at the jetty

I was walking around the beach in Orange County, somewhere south of Huntington Beach - though I cannot remember where exactly.  It was a sunny day, as I suspect it is most of the time in Southern California.  There was some cool fog hanging around, even with the sun overhead, and I just thought it made for an interesting shot. 

Of wind and waves

This is Laguna Beach, a place I love.  It totally rocks, and I have barely seen only a small part of it.  That part is what you are looking at - the beach itself.  It is my kind of beach.  Yes, there is sand on it, but there are nice big rocks that you can climb over and around and have a great time out there doing so.  On this day, it was stormy and windy and there were lots of waves.  It was awesome, despite slipping on rocks and nearly getting doused by the salt water several times.  It is a perfect place to take a camera, if anybody out there is into that sort of thing.  I have been there a couple of times while in Orange County on business, and hope to return someday.  Until then, I just have my photos.

Just another La Jolla sunset

Do you think folks that live along the coast in California ever get tired of looking at these fabulous sunsets?  I wonder if they are so used to them that they forget about them.  It seems like every time I have been out there and caught a sunset, it has been spectacular.  I wonder if they are spectacular every day.  As a photographer, it is hard to imagine living there and ever passing one of these things up!

La Jolla mist

Ok, so technically this is not mist.  I was in La Jolla, CA (which totally rocks by the way!) and found myself at La Jolla Cove around sunset.  Obviously this was not an accident - I wanted to get some sunset shots in the area.  Who doesn’t, really?  It is such a beautiful area.  Anyways, I did reel off tons of photos there, from seascapes to sea lions and back again.  It was fairly dark and I was getting my gear together and about ready to leave, so I climbed back up to ground level and started for the car.  I happened to look back and saw this rock formation, where I had been standing for nearly an hour, from a different perspective.  In this case I went for a single long exposure, 14 seconds to be precise, and all the crashing waves just disappear into a fine mist...

Clouds, sand and surf

I was walking around on Laguna Beach, in the town appropriately named Laguna Beach, out in Orange County (Southern California).  It's a beauty of a place.  It had been a bit of a stormy afternoon, which as a photographer I am a big fan of, due to the presence of a lot of interesting elements in the skies.  I was snapping shots here and there, generally having a great time and filling up my memory card.  This shot is looking southward down the coastline.  I thought it looked somewhat Italian, as though you could be on some random Italian beach and not really be able to tell the difference, well except for the way people talk of course!