The long shadows of sunset

The long shadows of sunset

There's just something about sunset in Santa's always gorgeous.

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Doors on Canyon Road

Doors on Canyon Road

There's something about the earthy tones of adobe that gets to me - well that and the nice pop of color on the door!

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Santa Fe sunset

There's just something about sunset.

I know I rattle on about sunrise here quite a bit - and I do love my sunrises - but when you get the perfect light and clouds over a mountain, well then sunset is hard to beat.

One of the reasons I love sunrise so much is that most of the time I am traveling to cities, and as such they are really busy around the sunset hours...but the streets are frequently empty at sunrise.  So, sunrise it is for me when I travel to cities.

But when I am in Santa Fe on a vacation with the family, well it's all about the sunset.  Plus, I'm convinced there's something going on with the skies out West in New Mexico.  It seems the sunsets are fabulous every time.  It makes it pretty hard to take the family out to dinner!

A gate in Santa Fe

I figured I was WAY overdue for a Santa Fe shot!

Due to my recent travels, a lot of my recent photos have been of Europe (darn!), especially Dublin and Glasgow.  And while I love those places (and still have a million shots to share from there), I also have another million from a bunch of other places still to share.

Take Santa Fe for example.  I am not looking at my library right now, but I would guess I have a few thousand photos in total from Santa Fe and the area around it.  We have vacationed there a few times over the years and really enjoy it.  There's just a lot of beautiful stuff to see there.  It's quite a photogenic town.


One part of Santa Fe that I particularly love to photograph is around Canyon Road, which is their "artist's road".  Basically, it's a street that completely filled with art galleries.  And while that can be fun and interesting at times, I can only do that sort of stuff in small doses.  I get overloaded with art and it all runs together.

But, if I am there with the camera, well then it's all different, isn't it?  ;-)

One thing I like to do there is to wander some of the other streets that are just off of Canyon Road.  There are some incredible homes in the area, and if you are a fan of adobe and Southwest architecture, it's a great place to wander with the camera.  I found this gate while doing just that!

St. Francis Cathedral, Santa Fe

This is the interior of St. Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe, NM.  It’s a beautiful place.  Normally I shoot the exterior when I am in Santa Fe, but on my last visit I made a point to try and shoot the interior, which was my first chance to do so.

I arrived late in the afternoon, which is my preference for shooting church interiors.  I find the afternoon light can help illuminate the interior a bit and bring the stained glass to life, but also they are generally not too crowded at that time of day (at least in my experience).

It turned out that the afternoon that I arrived was also the day the new Pope of the Catholic Church was decided in Rome...and he chose the name Francis.  So yeah, there were a few people around, but surprisingly it wasn’t too bad.  Also, it seemed everyone there was in a good mood, so they let me shoot all over the church without incident!

The Inn and Spa at Loretto

Santa Fe is a wonderful little town.  If you haven’t been yet, I definitely recommend a visit.  There is just something relaxing about being there.  It must have to do with the vibrant artistic community there - seems art abounds at every turn, which is great.

But also the food is fabulous, especially brunch at Pasquale’s.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!  Ok, enough of that, I need to focus here. 

The other thing I enjoy immensely about Santa Fe is the architecture and thus the photo opps.  I find something beautiful to point the camera at every time I go there.  I was never a big fan of adobe or the whole Southwest look, but after spending time in Santa Fe it has really grown on me.

As far as hotels there go, The Inn and Spa at Loretto is a great one, and has a perfect location.  It’s just a short stroll from The Plaza, and offers up an incredible restaurant of its own: Luminaria.  And of course, it has this most beautiful entrance.  I just love everything about it, and it’s on the list of “shoot it every time I go”, regardless of the fact that I already have hundreds of shots of it!  Repetition is a complement, as far as I’m concerned!

A Santa Fe sunset

I am not sure why, but it seems that the sunsets in New Mexico are always pretty spectacular.  The color in the sky is always very vibrant and saturated, and I love that.  I can imagine taking a lot of photos of the sky if I lived there.

I grabbed this shot one evening in Santa Fe, when I was up on top of the one hill in town, where you can find the Cross of the Martyrs.  While there are a lot of mountains outside of town, inside of town it seems there is just this one hill.

This spot offers a commanding view of the town, but since Santa Fe is not exactly a large town, and one without any skyscraper-type buildings, don’t go up there with expectations of shooting an amazing skyline shot.  There’s not really a skyline to shoot.

But that’s ok, because as you can see if you read my list of best places to shoot in Santa Fe, there is a LOT of awesomeness to shoot there.

A Santa Fe sunset

I am not sure what is happening out in New Mexico, but boy do they ever get some beautiful sunsets out there!!  I was in Santa Fe a while back, and shot sunset from atop a hill overlooking downtown Santa Fe.  Though the skyline is not much to shoot, the sunset and colors in the sky were pretty spectacular!

Santa Fe clouds

The clouds out in Santa Fe are gorgeous.  That's really all I have to say about that!  Something about the skies out West - they always impress!
This shot is actually from a year ago, but I just returned from Santa Fe and have loads of new shots to share, so look for more Santa Fe goodness coming to the blog soon!


As I mentioned in a recent post, it’s important to seek out the little things, even when you are shooting the big things.  I love to be standing with an immense, incredible landscape before me, ready for the clicking to start.  But I find that I am just as satisfied when I capture the smaller scenes, the off-the-beaten-path finds, the forgotten this-and-that stuff that is so easily overlooked.

So in that spirit, I offer up this little-slice-of-life shot of a hotel suite entry in Santa Fe, NM.  If you have never been to Santa Fe, plan a trip and be ready to be inspired.  It’s a mecca for the arts and as a photographer it gives you so much to point that little device of yours at (and by device, I am referring to anything from an iPhone to a DSLR). 

It really is an incredible place.  I am happy that I will be returning there soon.  So for anyone reading this...that means more Santa Fe stuff coming in the near future!

And Happy Valentine's Day!