Daybreak in San Diego

Early morning, before a flight...I got up, looked out my window, and knew I had to get off a few shots before my departure!  Luckily I had a little time, and my hotel was next to the airport.  It was a glorious sunrise!

Technicals: Nikon D40x, single exposure at f/14, -1 ev, Sigma 18-200 lens (at 25mm)

Software: Color Efex Pro, Aperture

Clouds over the marina

ANNOUNCEMENT: New Blog Series/Guest-Feature-thing coming soon!!  Something cool I have been thinking about and working on for a while.  I alluded to this during my "Farewell 2011" post, and the first one is just about ready.  I think maybe this please keep checking back.  Is that enough of a teaser for ya?

I caught this image while wandering around outside my hotel in San Diego, CA.  I was there for work and had a little time before I had to get busy - so I couldn't wander far - but anytime I can get awesome clouds and some cool boats I am pretty happy to fire off some brackets!  Even if it makes me late for a meeting haha.

One thing to keep in mind when shooting boats is that since they are on water they are moving.  I know that is obvious, but when you are in the moment it doesn't always come to mind.  Sometimes the movement is very slight, and you may not even notice it when you are there, but when you are taking multiple exposures (or a long exposure) it can cause problems.  I learned long ago never to actually stand on the dock and shoot, since they are not that steady and your shots will never line up, or they will blur!  I learned that one the hard way, sadly.  And they were some cool shots.  Oh well.   :)

Clouds over La Jolla


La Jolla is a little town situated on a beautiful stretch of Southern California coastline, just north of San Diego.  I was in San Diego on business and after work one day was able to squeeze in a drive up there, hoping for some cool beach or sunset shots.  Lucky me, I got both.  In fact I came home with a whole lot of shots from that trip, but for some reason I have not processed that many of them.  I should correct that!  This was just after I arrived.  The beach there is popular with tourists and sea lions, but luckily no tourists got in my way (I was happy to have the sea lions around).  It was a cloudy afternoon, which gave way to a cloudy sunset, which made me happy.

I am wrapping up a quick trip to Montreal, Canada today and got out last night for some photo time in Old Montreal.  It was great, and it's a beautiful area.  I posted an iPhone shot on my Facebook page, which I often do while traveling.  If you are interested in following me, you can "Like" my page here:

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