Split-toning a Dublin sunrise

Split-toning a Dublin sunrise

One fine morning in Dublin, I was out and about and happened upon a beautiful sunrise.  I share those photos today, and talk a little about split-toning and HDR as well.  Enjoy the pics and if you get a chance to visit Dublin, take it!  It's a beautiful city.

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Hello 2014

Happy New Year - thanks for stopping by!

To keep the bad pun alive from yesterday (wherein I said the last day of the year was the "sunset"), then that would make today the "sunrise" since it's the first day of the new year!

With that in mind, here is a sunrise photo from that most lovely city in Ireland - Dublin.  I love that town.  Great people, great culture, great accent (!), and great photo opps.  Oh yeah, and the Guinness is great too!

I don't know yet if I will make it there again in 2014, but I sure hope so.  I grabbed this photo during my last visit there, on the morning I was flying home.

I was ready to go before the taxi arrived to whisk me off to the airport, so I ran around for about 15 minutes and took a few shots, since a beautiful sunrise was happening and well, it's hard to pass up something like that!

And here's the New Year's card we are sending to family and friends:

Ha'Penny blue hour

This is the Ha'Penny Bridge in Dublin, Ireland which straddles the River Liffey.  It's not a big bridge, as you can tell, but it has a long and important history in the town, dating back from 1816.  I'm no historian, but that sounds pretty old to me.   :-)

I love shooting bridges, because I find they offer some interesting possibilities for photography.  Plus, they go over water (well, normally at least!) and that means I might get some nice reflections, which is another thing I really like.

I got up early one morning in Dublin to wander the Temple Bar district and take shots.  I love that time of day because I am normally alone, enjoying scenes like this free from the distractions and noise of tourists and pedestrians. 

By the way, this is a single long exposure instead of HDR.   

Along the River Liffey

One more shot from my recent trip to Dublin, Ireland...(with many more to come).

I grabbed this one while wandering late one afternoon in downtown Dublin, next to the River Liffey.  My hotel was facing the river, so that gave me easy access to walk out and shoot anytime (which is nice - but I assume that’s an obvious statement!).

Some folks don’t like to shoot HDR in broad daylight, and I can understand why.  A lot of times you just don’t need it.  But other times it really pays to do so, and in this case I felt like it was worth it.  The cloud cover overhead kept the day sort of dull, and HDR allowed me to get enough light all the way through the scene (and I processed it in such a way as to accentuate that).

Another thing I like to do is vary my processing a little, depending on the time of day that  the shot was taken.  I keep it brighter all the way through a shot like this, which was taken during the daylight hours - because your eyes expect to see a brighter scene and less shadows.  But when I shoot at the edges of the day and you expect more shadows, I tend to process that way as well. 

What do you do in situations like that?

Sunset in Dublin

There’s just something about Dublin.  Maybe it’s the Irish people - they are so kind, friendly, and happy.  Whenever I am there, it’s quite enjoyable to talk to a taxi cab driver and learn a bit more about this wonderful city and its inhabitants.

Here’s something I learned last week while in Dublin - they can drink a lot!  I didn’t learn that firsthand, to be clear.  :-)  The cabbie (a grandmother!) asked me if I was going to get a few pints of Guinness, and I said “yeah, maybe a couple”.  She told me that when guys go out for a night there, they may drink 10-12 pints in a night.  Wow!  I think I would be sick.  These are good, hardy people, I guess!  Or they get a lot of practice!

This is sunset from last Thursday evening in Dublin, looking up the River Liffey from the end of their old town entertainment district, known as Temple Bar.  What a great city.  You should make it a point to visit.  And come thirsty!

Last light in Dublin

Sort of a post and run here today - I am on a getaway with the family this week, and in addition to limited time online, the dang WiFi here is s-l-o-w and that just makes me insane.  Come on, this is 2012!

Ok, back to the photo.  This is looking up the River Liffey in Dublin, during what was a great day for me photographically speaking and as you can see the last light left a nice glow on the town.

The River Liffey

The River Liffey is the river which runs through the center of Dublin, Ireland.  It's a great place to wander with a camera, as there are a lot of bridges crossing it at various points.  I spent quite a bit of time in this area, because the main entertainment area known as Temple Bar is right next to it, and areas like this are rich with photographic opportunities.  There is just so much to shoot in a historic district like this, so I spent all my free time looking for interesting stuff - and I didn't have to look far!  I caught this image one evening while wandering.  It was a calm, beautiful blue hour and I was staring up the river.  The Temple Bar area is just up the river a short walk, on the left.  Behind me, down the river, is where the Samuel Beckett Bridge is located - it's the one in my last Dublin photo!

Blue hour on the River Liffey

Ah, Dublin.  It's a great town.  There is so much to shoot, and despite firing off something like 1400 frames there, I feel like I barely scratched the surface.  That's the way it is with travel photography - you are always left wanting more.  Anyways, after work one day I headed out as sunset was nearing and I knew the light would only last a little while.  I had seen this incredible bridge - the Samuel Beckett Bridge - and knew that it would make for some interesting photo opps.  I was hoping for a dramatic sunset that night, but had to settle for a beautiful, cloudless blue hour.  I did however find some nice vantage points, and with such interesting architecture across the river - and lots of sparkly, twinkly lights - I was rather happy with how my evening turned out!