Edge of Red Bud

Red Bud Island is a little spot that is sorta tucked away, but close to town.  There is a dog park there and it's a popular spot for those with canines in the family.  Sometimes we will kayak on the lake and make our way down here as it isn't too far but far enough when you are paddling!  I took this shot over a year ago, but I recently came across it and liked the peaceful, serene view and soft colors.

The fishing hole

Everybody loves a fishing hole, and I am no exception.  It is great to find a secret spot that delivers, every time.  Too bad this isn't the place.  I don't think I have ever caught a single dang fish in this place!  It's crazy. Every time I have been, people are fishing, but when you ask if they are getting anything, they always say no. I am not sure why anyone goes back - apart from the scenery.  This time I was fishing for images, and I caught a lot of them.  That was the most productive visit I've ever had here.

Taken at Fawn Lakes, outside of Red River, NM.

Rocks, roots and Red Bud Isle

This shot was taken from the tip of Red Bud Isle in Austin, which is a nice little off-lease dog park with trails to walk on. This view is looking downriver (Lake Austin is technically a part of the Colorado River) and downtown Austin is just a short canoe ride away.