Dining in Old Montreal

After what seemed like an eternal flight, I arrived in Montreal and since the work day was over, I quickly grabbed my gear and headed out to their historic district known as Old Montreal, which was a short cab ride away.  It was (and still is) my first and only visit to this fine city, and I was eager to explore the streets which are well known for their deep French influences.  I was not disappointed, even by the rain showers that came that afternoon.  In fact, I welcomed the rain because it did two things for me: it cleared out most of the tourists, and it left a nice sheen on the cobblestone streets.  Both of those please me very much as a photographer.

That one gentleman in the restaurant had probably the best seat in the house, and I am assuming the food is good because he never once looked up and realized I was taking his picture.  Ok, for the record, I was taking a picture of the awesome street scene I was observing, but I find that whenever a camera is even remotely pointed toward someone, they automatically assume that they are the subject.  That happen to you?

Blue hour in Old Montreal

Ah, Montreal - what a great city.  It has so much character, especially in the old historic district known as Old Montreal.  The French influence is so obvious, from street signs (yep, took some pics of those!) to the menus and more.  It's really a beautiful place and I was really happy when it started to rain on me there.  Yes, I said I was happy about the rain.  The reason is that it didn't feel like it was going to be a long intense rain shower, and I hoped the light rain would banish all the tourists and allow me to get some shots of the streets all aglow and empty - worked out perfect!

Afternoon light in Montreal

I love Old Montreal - it is a fabulous place to wander with a camera (something I enjoy quite a bit!).  While doing just that, I came across this little field of flowers, bathed in afternoon light.  Though I prefer the light on the edges of the day, in this case I thought it gave a nice feel to the scene.  

How do you say "No Entry" in French?

Do you only shoot the "big things" when on a trip, or do you look for hidden gems that only getting lost can deliver?

I love doors and entryways, and I am always looking around for interesting ones to photograph. I found this one while wandering in the old town area of Montreal, Canada.  Wandering is good, and in my opinion has a lot of benefits.  If I had chosen only to visit the major sites in Old Montreal, there is no way I would ever have found things like this.  Getting off the beaten path, even slightly, can really change things up in a good way!  You pretty much have to see the big things, but when you are done, toss out the checklist and wander!

Notre Dame de Bon Secours

Another quick post today - running a little crazy since returning from our family trip to New Mexico.  Lots of photos to process from there, and will start posting those as soon as I can get to them.  You'll see the first ones next week for sure, and maybe sooner!  I think I got some real winners out West, my friends!  Will also catch up with everyone as time allows - thanks for the continued support in the meantime!

This is Notre Dame de Bon Secours, which is a beautiful little church situated in Old Montreal.  I came across this during my wandering in their historic district, and just had to shoot it.  I always try to get inside churches to shoot the interiors as well, but this place was closed by the time I found it...so maybe next time!

Blue hour in Place Jacques Cartier

Ah, Old Montreal.  Though not a large area, it packs a lot of charm.  I really enjoyed walking around there.  At the end of one of the main little cobblestone streets is this wide open space - Place Jacques Cartier.  It's essentially a public square, and I found it filled with tourists and street artists.  I had come across it earlier in the afternoon and thought I should get back there when blue hour was at hand.  So I walked all over Old Montreal and at one point it starting raining, which was great since it cleared out most of the tourists (except for die hards like me, I guess!).  I headed back over there and found this wonderful scene before me, so my Nikon came to life and I sat there enjoying the beauty.

An alley in Montreal

New look to the website - your thoughts?

I have been thinking about making some site changes, and had a few things in mind that I definitely wanted to change, but I wasn’t sure when I would get to it.  Last Friday night, I was messing around with it and ended up with this new look.  How do you like it?  Thanks for your feedback, as I really appreciate it.  And thanks for stopping by!

Now, on to the photo - something from my recent trip to Montreal, Canada.....

I had been in Old Montreal for just a short while, and was wandering with my Nikon and checking things out.  It’s the historic district of the city and has a lot of interesting street scenes to photograph (which I did).  There is (obviously) a lot of French influence, and there are cobblestone streets named Rue this and Rue that - it’s cool things like that which I really enjoy when I travel.  It’s also very pretty.  On one street, I was lining up for a shot when I happened to notice this little alleyway off to the side, and decided it was a bit more interesting than the street shot!  I especially like the sign in French, as it adds that little je ne sais quoi....

Auberge Restaurant - Montreal

My first shot from Old Montreal!  What a lovely place!  Have you been there? 

I made a short but productive trip to Montreal, Canada last week, spending just 1 night there.  It’s a long way from Texas!  Anyways, I arrived late afternoon and was able to get out and shoot in Old Montreal before last light.  It’s a beautiful area and the French influence is just so interesting - you hear the French language spoken as people pass, and it does have a decidedly European feel to it.  On my wanderings there, I came across this restaurant and just loved the look of it.  There were several cars coming by, all dropping folks off for dinner, so it must be good!  I kept jumping into and out of the street, eventually having to wait them out and get a clean shot - but I got it!