The ceiling of the Natural History Museum

Dang this place is incredible - and big!!  This is the ceiling of the main room at the Natural History Museum in London, and it is most certainly worth a visit.  You will not be disappointed, especially if you came with a camera!  There’s a photo opp at every turn!

I have been here twice now and each time I keep thinking about Harry Potter and Hogwarts.  It just has that look.  I took this photo on my visit to London last September, but while I was in London last week I popped in there again.   To get a sense of scale, that little red speck along the bottom to the right is a person.

It’s the sort of place I imagine visiting each time I get there, if my schedule permits.  It’s just cool.  Maybe on one of these trips I will take some time and explore the exhibits too.  I get so caught up firing brackets that I forget about those sorts of things.  :-)

And here is an HDR Before and After for comparison purposes, if you enjoy that sort of thing:

NatHistLondonBeforeAfter (1).jpg

Natural History Museum

This is the Natural History Museum in London, England.  What a place!  Mike Murphy and I went there and planned our arrival at close to closing time.  The plan was to get this shot with no one in it...but as you can see, it didn’t really work out that way.  Mike did a cool version of this where he took out everyone, but I am way too lazy for that. :)

I love the architecture here - it’s something I enjoy shooting anyways - and the museum itself is a great place to visit if you find yourself in merry old London.  I hope I can visit again next time I am there and explore even further in this place.  It’s incredible.