The first mission in Texas

The first mission in Texas

Mission Espada is the oldest Mission in Texas, and in my opinion, the most beautiful one in San Antonio.  I made a visit there recently and returned with some great shots of this historic structure.  Have a look and let me know your thoughts!

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Enter the chapel

This is the entrance to Mission Espada, in San Antonio, TX.  It is one of the lesser-known missions along The Mission Trail, and is the smallest, but it is my favorite.  I just really enjoyed being here, and taking shots of this lovely structure.  I was there with my Mom and we had the place all to ourselves.  I was lining up for this shot, when I thought it would look better with the door slightly ajar - you know, a small peek inside, it plays to the imagination, all that sort of stuff.  So my Mom was kind enough to go inside and hold the door for me, thanks Mom!

Inside Mission Espada

A follow up to my post of the exterior of Mission Espada from last week - this is the interior.  It is rather small, as you can see, but possesses a quaint beauty that I have not found at other missions in San Antonio.  I found it be to spectacular.  I guess it is that “beauty in simplicity” thing.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy the photo as much as I enjoyed being inside the mission.

Mission Espada

Mission Espada is located on the Mission Trail down in San Antonio, TX and is a beautiful place.  This was my first visit there and I was impressed.  It is actually quite small compared to Mission San Jose and Mission Concepcion - that's essentially the whole thing in this shot - but it is so charming and beautiful that you don't really think about it being "the little guy".  I arrived at 9am when the grounds were open to the public and was the only one there, which is nice.  I really like the look of the facade with the bells up top and spent quite a while getting all sorts of shots of it, which I will share as I get time to process them.  I also got a nice one from inside - again, a fairly small interior - but I found it to be beautiful partly due to its simplicity.  This mission is further afield than the others, and San Jose and Concepcion get more of the publicity (along with the Alamo of course), but if you are there I highly recommend adding this to the list - it is actually my favorite of all.