A passage at Mission Concepcion

I spent a weekend not long ago in San Antonio, hanging out with my mom and sister and just having a good time (except of course for that darn yardwork!).  I spent some of my formative years there, and never really appreciated the beauty and diversity of the city at that time.  Coming at it these days with a photographic eye, the town really has a lot to offer.  One morning I dragged my mom along on a visit to some of the old Spanish missions scattered south of town, and just enjoyed the heck out of it.  This was taken at Mission Concepcion, which was my first visit there (or am I forgetting a 5th grade field trip?) and I must admit I thought it was fabulous.  Though the Alamo gets all the press, this mission is wonderful and definitely worth a visit.  I had to wait to get all the tourists to clear out of my shot, but eventually was able to pull it off tourist-free!  If you get to San Antonio, be sure and spend a little time wandering around the missions - in addition to being enjoyable to photograph, they offer an interesting glimpse into history.