There is this wonderful fountain at the Mandola Winery, outside of Austin, and though it was fairly crowded during my visit, I was able to get this close up of it.  I like all the water drops splashing about.  It took me several attempts but I was finally able to get that one long drop hanging off his chin!

The lair of Bacchus

This was taken a while back at Mandola's Winery in Austin, which is a nice place.  Unfortunately I could not get any closer to these barrels, as this room was "eyes only" - in other words, I was shooting this through some glass.  Fortunately I didn't get any glare.  I liked the look of the tanks in the background, all covered in frost, while the barrels up front were just waiting around.

Wine barrels

Recently we went out to the Mandola Estate Winery in Driftwood, TX - which is about 30 minutes from Austin.  It's a great place and they make great wine.  We went on the tour and luckily I had my camera handy.  You don't actually get inside their operation - this was shot through the glass but it gives a good sense of how much they are producing.  I am often surprised at the quality of Texas wines.  Though I err on the side of being a Rhone Valley guy (especially the southern Rhone), I must say I had some spectacular wine that day. This scene drew me in because of the spillage from that one barrel on the right, as though it was bursting to get out there and see the world!