Golden hour at The Louvre

Whenever you plan a visit to Paris, The Louvre is probably high on your list of things to see.  That makes sense - it's arguably the most famous museum in the world.  And while I also visited some of the exhibits in the museum, I was actually more keen on photographing the thing, because it's incredibly beautiful (inside and out).

So, my Louvre visit was a quick couple of hours one afternoon during the bright sunshine (and I grabbed some shots of the interior, which is fascinating), followed by a return later that day for golden hour and sunset.  I was not disappointed.

I find it hard to focus on so much awesome art while visiting a museum, so bringing my camera helps me stay grounded by shooting away at all the incredible architecture.  That way, I get my moneys worth - I see art and create art on the same visit.  Win-win.

The ceiling in the Louvre

Just a quick single exposure of the ceiling in one of the rooms of The Louvre museum in Paris.  If you ever make it there, be sure and visit the museum and don't forget to look up!  There's something beautiful overhead.