Dinner in Yellowstone

We spent the entire day in Yellowstone National Park, which is not nearly enough time honestly, as there are many sites and it is a sprawling place.  Nonetheless, it was fabulous.  At one point we arrived in the Lamar Valley, which is billed as the Serengeti of the North, and totally lives up to it billing.  Wildlife seems to be everywhere.  We encountered this coyote just by the side of the road, happily crunching on this hapless varmint and completely ignoring us.  I guess when tourists are gawking at you daily you become a bit numb to it and realize they are not a threat.  Anyways, he enjoyed his meal, we enjoyed watching, so I guess everyone was happy.

Single image at f/11 and some minor adjustments in PSE and Aperture.


The grandeur of Lamar Valley

Lamar Valley sits in Yellowstone National Park and has been called the Serengeti of the North because there is so much wildlife there to see.  I was only there a short while, but during that time I saw a coyote eating a small animal that he had captured; I saw bison grazing - it's hard to avoid them in Yellowstone; and I saw a black wolf cruising around.  It was amazing.  The valley is surrounded by mountains and is a beautiful place.  There is a single road that winds through the valley where it disappears back into the forest at the other end.  The scenery there is incredible - I highly recommend seeing this place at least once in your lifetime!