Greetings from Austin

Greetings from Austin

Austin is a great town, and we like our weirdness...hence the town motto, "Keep Austin Weird".  Here's a couple of proof points for ya!

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Queen of Pies

I shoot a lot of photos of signs.  I just like them.  Truth is, I am not sure why.  I don't recall paying any attention to them prior to being a photographer.  But now, they always catch my eye, and I am always looking for them.  Well, I can accept it.  They're cool.   

This is from Home Slice Pizza in downtown Austin, which is fabulous.  I pushed these pixels around quite a bit, to the point that this photo doesn't much resemble the original...but hey, why not?  Sometimes you just need to do that.

Door C


After nothing but Madrid and London shots the last few days, I figured I would make a serious departure and post something from a bit closer to home.  So, here's an old door that I came across while wandering around in East Austin.  There is a lot to see and photograph on the east side of this town of mine, and I would like to go back soon.  It should be easy, considering I live here, but finding the time to go shoot in my own backyard isn't really that easy.

As I have written here before, I love taking shots of various doors and entryways.  They are very interesting to me, and sometimes inviting - though not too inviting in this case!  This one drew me in with all the texture and graffiti.  Stuff like that is hard to pass up!  And I just realized that this is my third shot in a row that is vertically oriented (portrait mode) so I guess I need to post something that is in landscape mode soon!


Just a quick little shot today.  This is some wild graffiti that I came across over in East Austin a while back.  I thought it was pretty fun so I thought I would share it.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Austin Motel

Well, after 8 straight posts all about Carmel (and the area nearby), it's time to take a short break and make sure this doesn't turn into a blog just about Carmel - though I think I have enough photos left for it!  Yes, it is beautiful, and yes, I will post more pics of it (and probably soon!).  I struggled to think of what is the appropriate shot to post next, after all this West Coast stuff, and I never really came up with anything that made sense, one way or another.  Truthfully, I guess it doesn't really matter.  This is mostly a blog about photography, so as long as I am posting a photo I assume you will let me slide, right? :)  So, how about a little shot from Austin, my home?  I still have a bunch of shots from a bunch of places to share - and another big trip just around the corner - but there's no place like home.  Austin is a great town, and it has a lot of character.  Our town motto is "Keep Austin Weird", and we are trying our best to do so.  Come hang out sometime.  You'll love it, even with all the weird stuff here.  As the sign says, it's "so close yet so far out".

The Austonian

The Austonian is a residential skyscraper in downtown Austin, and a cool looking building in my opinion.  At 683 feet tall with 56 floors, the building is the tallest in Austin and the tallest all-residential building in the state of Texas (take that Dallas and Houston heehee).  It also happens to be the tallest all-residential building west of the Mississippi.  Pretty cool for a sleepy little hippie town like Austin.  Guess we're not sleepy or little anymore - but we're still hippie, so that's good.  Despite all the growth that Austin has experienced, we continue to maintain that same old vibe we have had for years - a laid back town, lots of arts and entertainment, great outdoor activities of all sorts, and a tolerance for all types of things from traditional to eclectic (and we have a lot of eclectic!).  Keep Austin Weird is the town motto, and it fits.

Really.....I mean it.

Another graffiti find from South Congress Avenue in Austin.  I thought this was funny.  Most graffiti seems to be somewhat weird or have some political message or at least some artistic merit, but not this one.  Just straight up spray paint!  It's painted on the side of a popular coffee shop there.  I guess they love the coffee!

Abstract art

I have come to appreciate abstract shots of random, unrecognizable things.  I find them interesting.  This is a portion of a sculpture hanging from the ceiling inside a building lobby in downtown Austin.  I was on a photowalk with some local Austin photo friends a long time ago, and we stopped and I think we all got shots of this one.  It's pretty interesting looking when you walk into a lobby and all this wild, colorful stuff is hanging above you.  It's cool, at least to me.

Questionable cat

Another random graffiti shot from the South Congress area of Austin.  I just thought it was interesting...

Ninja panda

This falls squarely in the category of "you don't see that everyday".  It's another shot from the South Congress area of Austin - a hippie, eclectic neighborhood and just a plain old good place to hang out.  I was meandering, as I like to do, and found this work of graffiti art adorning the wall of a business.  I am guessing they didn't ask to have it there, but it's a keeper right?  I thought it was interesting.  By the way, his head band says "Evolve".