A stroll in the Japanese garden

Fredericksburg, TX is a little German town up in the Texas Hill Country and is one of my favorite spots to visit (within driving distance that is).  The National Museum of the Pacific War is in town and I really wanted to tour it, but unfortunately when I was last there, and had the time, it was closed (but it was early on a Sunday morning so that is understandable).  However, next to it resides the Japanese Garden of Peace, which was open, so I got to enjoy that.  Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, architect of the American victory in the Pacific during WW II, unflinchingly reached out to the Japanese people after the war. To show their gratitude, the military leaders of Japan presented a traditional Japanese garden to the American people in his honor.  Being up early on a Sunday always pays dividends for a photographer, and in this case I had the garden all to myself.