The Quays Bar

The Quays Bar

The Quays Bar in Temple Bar, Dublin all dressed up with a moody, vintage look

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A big bunch of Dublin stuff!

A big bunch of Dublin stuff!

There is just so much to shoot in Dublin, and so much to love about it.  I really enjoy my visits there, and always come home happy (and with a few memory cards that are bursting at the seams!).  Today I share 22 photos from my most recent trip to Dublin.  Lots of street scenes and pubs in this one, so might want to hop on a plane after this!

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The Bankers Lounge, Dublin

I have a thing for shooting pubs!

I guess I didn't realize it until my recent trip over to Dublin, but as I was going through my shots I realized that I have taken a LOT of photos of the various pubs there.  I can't help it - I just find them interesting!  They just seem to have so much character.

This one is a good example.  It's not special in any way, and I doubt anyone would call it beautiful.  But, as I walked past and looked down the street both ways, I just liked the look of the scene.  The red color just pops against the grey, rainy skies I had that day, and of course I just love that little arrow pointing down the street.  Cool stuff.


Morning in Dublin

Have I ever mentioned how much I love to shoot at sunrise?  ;-)

Ok, I know I say that a lot here but man is it ever true!  See this scene?  I have walked by here at all times of day: blue hour in the morning and on thru sunrise, mid-morning, mid-day, sunset, and into the evening.  Guess what?  It's freaking crowded almost all the time!

You know why it's crowded?  It's awesome.  Ok, well the other reason is that this is in the middle of Dublin's entertainment district which is known as Temple Bar.  That's where all the tourists go to have fun.  Except at sunrise of course, because all the tourists are still asleep.

So that brings me back around to why I love sunrise.  I get to stand on a street corner in the most famous part of a famous town, and shoot at anything and everything I want, and not have anyone get in my way.  Who can argue with that?

The Oliver St. John Gogarty

First of all, I just want to thank everyone who continues to visit my blog, like it on Facebook, +1 it on Google+, tweet about it, and generally just share it anywhere.  I was reviewing my blog stats, comparing February 2012 with February 2011, and my views are up over 2.5x!  Also, Feb 2012 was my best month ever in total views!  Thanks so much, it's because of you and I appreciate it sincerely!

Now, onto a photo...let's celebrate with a beer at an Irish pub, shall we?

This is one of the many Irish pubs that I photographed in Dublin.  It was just so awesome looking, and I had to get this shot.  I went a little heavy on the processing here, obviously, but it just seemed to call for it.  It was early on a Sunday morning and I was wandering in Dublin's Temple Bar district.  That place is a gold mine.  I have so many shots still to get to, and I feel already like I am posting Dublin shots each week.  So...hope you don't mind, and more to come!