Indiana World War Memorial


There are a lot of memorials and monuments in Indianapolis - it's hard to decide which to shoot first!  I was wandering around downtown and sunset was approaching when I came across this imposing structure.  I got shots all around it and as I walked away, I took a look back and saw it with some of the highrises in the background.  It's really a nice city.  I lived there years ago, and never looked at it with a photographer's eye, but when I passed through on business I was snapping like crazy.

Indiana State Museum

This is the Indiana State Museum, which is in - you guessed it! - Indianapolis, IN.  I made a trip up to good old Indy recently and was fortunate enough to find a little time for a photowalk around downtown (parts of it, at least).  It has grown quite a bit since my last visit and is really a beautiful place.  I lived there many moons ago and was happy to make a return visit to check it out and see all the changes firsthand.  There is a wonderful and interesting area downtown called The Canal or Canal Walk (seems to have a couple of names!), where the White River meanders around for a while.  There are a number of museums, restaurants and other interesting structures along The Canal, plus some bridges and of course a waterfall or two.  It was a cloudy day, which is fine by me, and I took a lot of pictures that day, but that’s no real surprise!

Monumental Indy

Indianapolis has a LOT of monuments and memorials.  I mean a lot.  All over downtown, there are monuments, memorials and fountains to WWI and other conflicts.  I am not sure why, really...does anyone know?  I do know however that it gives you a lot to photograph.  I was walking around late in the day - as you can see by the light, blue hour was approaching - and stopped to shoot around the WWI Memorial (that is the large building with the sun hitting it, in the center of the frame).  From up on that massive structure, I saw this fountain, and being a fountain guy I wandered over here to check it out.  I loved all the beautiful marble and how the color of it contrasted with the very turquoise color of the water.  And of course this fountain surrounded another monument...

The Indiana Statehouse

I have been to Indianapolis many times, but not until my trip last week did I ever go inside their State Capitol, the Indiana Statehouse.  When I arrived, I first had to go through security, but they let me know that it was ok to take photos inside, so I was glad to hear that.  I proceeded down a hallway, and then the interior opened up and I nearly dropped my camera.  It is gorgeous.  The interior is 3 stories high and I walked all around, taking shots here and there and generally just enjoying the heck out of it.  What a beautiful place.  This shot is on the 3rd floor which as you can see had these cool skylights in the ceiling, allowing in some light and providing a nice blue color to contrast with the bright golden tones all around.  Having such a wonderful State Capitol in Austin, I sometimes forget that other places have equally stunning and interesting Capitol buildings, so if you ever get to Indy be sure and spend a little time at their Statehouse, and bring your camera!

A waterfall in Indy

I spent part of last week in Indianapolis, which I had not been to in ~13 years.  I remembered it being a nice town and was looking forward to getting a little camera time there - and I was not disappointed.  It is a wonderful town and offers a lot of photographic possibilities.  I have only processed a couple of photos from the trip but you will see more of them soon.  This is part of a waterfall that I shot while walking around in White River State Park, which sits basically in downtown Indy.  It’s a cool spot and I took a lot of shots there.  I enjoy shooting waterfalls - or just parts of them like in this photo - as I find the HDR process really enhances their natural beauty.  The long exposures really bring out the silky feel of the water, while the HDR helps accentuate all the cool color, detail and texture in the rock and even behind it.  Enjoy!