Horsetail Falls

Waterfalls are one of my favorite subjects!

There's just something about photographing a waterfall that just gets to me.  Obviously I love the beauty of nature, and feeling the mist on my face is pretty awesome.  I love standing there and just taking it all in too.  It's hard to beat.

As you probably know from previous visits here, I also love to shoot in HDR.  I do that a lot - it's one of the things I just love about photography.  So naturally I like to put the two together - waterfalls in HDR.  I will admit though that sometimes I will just do a single long exposure of a waterfall, so that I get that pure silky magic that only a slow shutter can give you.  But that only works for me in the right light conditions.

In this scene, I went with a straight up 7 exposure HDR and then made some more adjustments in Color Efex Pro.  This was actually shot at the end of summer 2012 outside of Portland, OR and everything was just incredibly GREEN.  It was way too green.  So when I was in Color Efex Pro I started toying with the idea of turning this into a Fall image, since I was dreaming of Fall at the moment.

In other words, while this looks like a Fall shot that happened when the leaves were just the perfect colors, in reality it was summer and it was all green.  I like green, but needed a break from it this time around.  Hope you like it!

Horsetail spray

Just a post and run today - this is Horsetail Falls along the Columbia River Gorge, just outside of Portland, OR.  On our recent photo expedition up there, we spent a good while exploring all these waterfalls.  They are all beautiful, and so much fun to photograph!