Hallway towards wisdom

A quick THANK YOU!

First of all, just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by yesterday and commented on both of my images and of course the feedback regarding the new gear I purchased.  It is definitely appreciated!  Although today's post was also taken with the D700 and 14-24, in reality most of my upcoming shots will still be from my old gear.  I have something like 30,000 images in the library now, and no shortage of shots that I still want to share!

Now, on to today's shot...

In reality, I think this hallway led to a janitorial closet, but that didn't sound as good!  This is another shot taken with my new Nikon D700 last Sunday, and I also used the new 14-24 wide angle lens.  That lens is just incredibly wide.  I love it.  I could go on for hours about it.

I took this on the campus of the University of Texas here in Austin.  After getting some sunrise shots downtown, I zipped up to campus to try a few other things before heading home.  I wandered into one of the buildings, and just loved that bright morning light coming through the windows, and the shadows it created on the wall. Oh, and the colors outside, and the warm tones inside, and...

I am a fan of hallway shots anyways, and I had my new 14-24 on the new camera, so of course....click.  Or in this case, more like click click click click click click click (gotta love 7 frame auto-bracketing!).

Indy falls

Indianapolis is a nice town.  I lived there many years ago as a young adult, and found it to be a nice place with some great architecture and TONS of monuments.  When I returned on a business trip a while back, I knew I had to bring the camera for some HDR fun.  One place that is really cool is their White River State Park, which flows thru part of downtown and has some great stuff to shoot along the way.  I found a rather large waterfall while wandering, and rather than shoot the whole thing (which I couldn't really do without stepping backwards into the river itself), I opted to shoot some brackets of this portion of it - sort of a waterfall abstract.  Waterfalls always look cool in HDR to me, and that one looooong exposure really brings out the silky, flowing look that I like so much.

Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow

Glasgow has some AMAZING architecture.  I heard that from several folks before I went there, and boy were they right!  You can just be walking down the street and BAM! you run into something awesome like this.  This is the Gallery of Modern Art, which is housed in a neoclassical building right in the heart of downtown.  I was out after dinner, taking in the beautiful (and lengthy!!) blue hour there, and stumbled across this wonderful structure.  It was originally a townhouse for one of the wealthy tobacco lords that lived in Glasgow, but is now a gallery housing lots of different forms of modern art.  I went inside a day later, found a great shot to take, and as I was setting up for it the camera police told me "no photos inside".  Really?  What's the harm?  Is my camera going to steal the soul of that sculpture which no one can figure out?  Anyways, I didn't start a fuss but I didn't donate to them either!

On a completely unrelated note (except that it's about photography, so I guess that is actually pretty closely related!) I am enjoying my vacation in New Mexico and the cooler weather is great!  Here's an iPhone shot I took earlier today while I was out snapping HDRs, signs, and landscapes - my holy trinity!

Henry's bridge


This bridge sits in Marble Falls, TX and crosses over Lake Marble Falls, which is really just the Colorado River but we dam it up in a lot of places and make lakes out of it.  Hence, we have a bunch of lakes.  Other than that, it's often pretty dry here!  I don't know the real name of this bridge, but since someone named Henry had the wherewithal to get out there and spray paint his name on it, seemed like I should call it that.

Thanks everyone for the visits and comments this week.  It was a crazy week for me travel-wise, as I went from Austin to Montreal to Charlotte and back to Austin, with multiple plane delays in between.  I'm a little tired but I came home with some cool shots from Montreal, so it's all good.  I'll start posting those next week.

Have a great holiday weekend - that is, if you are in the U.S.   If not, have a great weekend anyways!

The hidden shrine


There's a benefit to wandering in new places.  I was in the Carmel Mission, in Carmel, CA and only had a short little while to check it out (and capture some shots).  I made it through the front courtyard, and the interior (I need to process that one!) and finally made my way into the "backyard" area of the complex.  It was pretty wide open, but there was a little area sort of tucked into a corner - which I could not clearly see from where I was - so of course I meandered over there and discovered this little shrine.  Looking at the photo now, it makes me think of something from an Indy Jones movie!

Clouds over La Jolla


La Jolla is a little town situated on a beautiful stretch of Southern California coastline, just north of San Diego.  I was in San Diego on business and after work one day was able to squeeze in a drive up there, hoping for some cool beach or sunset shots.  Lucky me, I got both.  In fact I came home with a whole lot of shots from that trip, but for some reason I have not processed that many of them.  I should correct that!  This was just after I arrived.  The beach there is popular with tourists and sea lions, but luckily no tourists got in my way (I was happy to have the sea lions around).  It was a cloudy afternoon, which gave way to a cloudy sunset, which made me happy.

I am wrapping up a quick trip to Montreal, Canada today and got out last night for some photo time in Old Montreal.  It was great, and it's a beautiful area.  I posted an iPhone shot on my Facebook page, which I often do while traveling.  If you are interested in following me, you can "Like" my page here: http://www.facebook.com/NomadicPursuits

Thanks for stopping by!

Inside Madrid's train station


have discovered through photography that I really like trains and especially train stations.  No idea where this came from, as I don't recall being overly excited about them as a young lad, but I am certain it has to do with the architecture in these beautiful places, especially in Europe.  They just speak to me.  Usually, they say "Get out the camera" hehe.  I took this shot in the main train station in downtown Madrid - Atocha station.  I didn't actually ride a train into Atocha station but rather came across it on my wanderings in the city, and of course had to take some shots.  Isn't it impressive?

I'll be on the road this week, so I am posting this on Sunday night and calling it my Monday post.   Thanks for stopping by and I'll catch up when I can!  Have a great week!

Real Country Music


This is totally not the photo I was going to post today, but I was working on this shot last night for the fun of it, and just got so into it that I wanted to get it out there!  I guess it’s my sign addiction rearing it’s ugly head again.  This isn’t a magnificent photo in any sense of the word, but something about it just got to me - so here it is.  I took this while wandering around Broadway Avenue in downtown Nashville, TN.  If there were ever a street dedicated to REAL COUNTRY MUSIC, then Broadway would be it.  It must be heaven for some people.  I’m a rocker myself, but when I get the camera in hand, it’s hard not appreciate all this!

This is a single exposure that I ran through HDR Efex Pro and made it pop a little, then into Color Efex Pro for a Tonal Contrast Filter, and some final adjustments in Aperture around saturation and some selective sharpening.  Good fun messing with shots like this!

Have a great weekend and thanks for all the visits and comments this week, I sincerely appreciate them!

Quiet sunset on Lake Austin

I took this in October of last year, and just ran into it in one of my Aperture projects the other day.  I tried to process this last year - a couple of times as I recall - and never liked the result.  I decided to give it a shot again, and liked what I came up with.  It’s not the most handsome shot of course, but rather what I like about it is that as my skills have developed and improved over time, shots that I previously did not like are now things that I find worthy of publishing here on the blog.  Progress, I guess I would call it.  One of my primary goals in photography is not to “achieve greatness”, but rather to be better than my previous self.  I’m getting there.  Thanks for listening.  :)

Arneson River Theatre

If you have ever been to San Antonio, TX, then you have surely been to the San Antonio Riverwalk.  It’s a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River.  It is door-to-door shops and restaurants and a very popular spot for tourists and residents!  As with all touristy spots that I want to shoot, I get up early on a Sunday and usually find things all to myself.  I spent a morning down there last year, and took lots of pictures during my random walk through the area. 

This photo at the top is the Arneson River Theatre, which is the site of a lot of musical and theatrical performances throughout the year.  All the performances occur on the stage on the right side of the photo, while the audience sits on steps out of frame to the left.  

During their annual "Light Up" which occurs around Christmas, there is a parade of floats going by and it's great fun to watch.  This is one of those places that just makes San Antonio what it is.  In fact, here's an old shot of one of those floats on another part of the Riverwalk: