Corpus Christi marina

This is an aerial view of the marina that sits adjacent to downtown Corpus Christi, TX.  I was atop the Omni Hotel at their wonderful 20th floor restaurant - Republic of Texas - and discovered they have a little balcony overlooking the harbor.  After dinner we checked it out and - lucky me - my camera was with me.  It was windy as heck up there, but the view was fabulous!  If you ever make it to Corpus, be sure and eat there and bring your camera!

Corpus Christi bay

I just returned from a little family vacation down to Corpus Christi, TX.  We hit the beach and did a bunch of touristy stuff - it was great! Corpus is actually a pretty nice little town - we enjoyed it quite a bit.  This is a view of most of the skyline (remember I said it was a little town) taken from the deck of the USS Lexington, which has been retired and now sits in the harbor there as a museum.  If you are into WWII history, the USS Lexington tour is a must.  I loved it.  Though taking photos was not the purpose of the trip, I did squeeze in quite a few here and there, so I will be sharing those over the coming look for some beach shots and lots of boats coming your way!