Morning in Vienna

Vienna is a beautiful town - have you been?

I have been to Vienna, Austria a couple of times in my life.  Once as a kid, which I barely remember and once a year or so back, which I definitely remember because I shot like crazy there!  In my limited experience, it's a very beautiful town.  I wandered around a LOT (even though I was only there about 18 hours or so) and took many shots.  It's just what I do.  :-)  

My best results were on the morning of my departure.  I got up early and wandered the streets during sunrise.  Luckily, I was close in to all the key sites, so even though I didn't have enough time to shoot them all, at least I was able to get street scenes like this one with very little people in them.  That's one of my favorite reasons for shooting sunrise in distant cities (or any city for that matter).

This is the Graben, which is one of the famous streets in the historic city center of Vienna.  It's all pedestrian and full of shops and restaurants, so while not a totally authentic, cultural experience, it's still a beautiful walk, especially when you can get it mostly empty.  I walked along here the night before to find dinner (and take a few shots, of course), and it was CROWDED.

Vienna is definitely a place to see, assuming you are nearby.  I would love to get back someday.  Fingers crossed on that one. :-)

Blue hour on the Graben

The Graben is a large pedestrian thoroughfare in the historic center of Vienna, Austria.  As you can probably imagine (and as you can see in this photo), it gets very crowded around the dinner hour.  I was only in Vienna for one night, so I made sure to get out and photograph the place as much as possible.

I went out photo-walking as I made my way to find dinner.  I strolled along, shooting this and that.  I feel no hurry to eat when I find such lovely light and perfect subject matter.  The light only lasts for a little while, and I can get food anytime.  You see, I just love European streets, even when they are crowded.  I thought the blue hour light was really beautiful, and I liked the shapes in the building, how they curve into the distance, and the criss-cross pattern on the ground.

So, I just set up right in the middle of the crowd and fired away.  I didn’t want to remove the person on the left that ghosted his way through the shot – I thought it fit the scene. 

Morning on the Graben

There is nothing quite like wandering a European street early in the morning.  I find all European streets beautiful in some way or another, even when they are crowded.  But when you get up early and have it all to yourself, it's an entirely new type of beauty to me.

Gone are the masses and along with them, the noise.  It's quiet - almost eerily so.  The shops are closed.  The cafes are quiet, not yet ready for all those caffeine-seeking customers to arrive.  It even seems like the wind is still.  In short, it's a perfect time to be standing there, camera on tripod, with just the ritual clicking of brackets firing into the void.  It's awesome.

This one was captured on the Graben, which is one of the most famous streets in Vienna, Austria's historic city center.  And it was just me.  :)