The Golden Gate Bridge

While I am in a California state of mind (my post yesterday was from CA as well) I thought I would share this pair of photos that I took recently out in San Francisco.  On my first trip to San Fran a few years back, I made sure to get out and shoot the Golden Gate Bridge...and I got some good ones on that trip.

But, I had never been back despite visiting San Fran multiple times over the last couple of years.  My work keeps me on the other side of town, near the Bay Bridge (which I shoot a lot!).  So on this trip, I made a point to get over there and visit this monster...and I am glad that I did.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Golden Gate fog

I have shot the Golden Gate Bridge in the past - and like my previous pics of it - but I wanted to capture it at sunset this time.  So, while in San Francisco last week, I headed out one afternoon so that I could get the sunset shot that I had in mind. 

Well it turns out Mother Nature had another idea, and thick fog rolled in over the bridge - almost obscuring it completely.  So I just decided I would go for something a little different than I originally planned...and here it is.  I rather like it, actually.  You have to learn to go with the flow in the field, since you never know what’s going to happen!

Fog at the Golden Gate Bridge

Well, I am surely not the first one to notice - or photograph - the fog around the Golden Gate Bridge.  It is there a lot (so I hear) but most of my visits to San Francisco have been remarkably fog-free.  Well, on this particular day, it was as foggy as they come.  We were driving up from Carmel, and due to turn in the car in a little while, but first we drove down Lombard Street and across the Golden Gate Bridge - such tourists!  When we got across the bridge, we pulled into Vista Point in hopes of getting a nice view of the city - no dice!  The fog was thick and just hanging there like it had nothing better to do.  Well, I tried my best to turn lemons into lemonade - so here is the best I could do with what I had.  I actually find the shot pretty interesting, since the top half of the bridge just disappears...

The Golden Gate Bridge

I tried to think of an interesting title for this one, but I couldn't come up with it.  Then, I thought I would write up some interesting bits about my shot, but again I fell short.  The Golden Gate Bridge is big, beautiful and bad ass.  What else can I say about it?  Oh yeah, it's in San Francisco.  Haha, hope you enjoy the shot!

Some bridge in California

The Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, CA

I took this shot from above Fort Point, which I highly recommend visiting if in San Fran.  In fact, I have a whole list of spots for photography there, which you can read about here:

I still have a lot of shots of this wonderful structure to share, so you will continue to see them pop into my photostream over time.  Hope I don't bore anyone!

Big bridge, cool shadow

When in San Francisco, take a picture of The Golden Gate Bridge.  I believe that is a rule, or possibly a law - at the very least a universal truth for photographers.  So I did.  I took many, many shots of the bridge, but how can you resist really?  It’s arguably the most famous bridge in the world, and I love bridges anyways, so why not take a few?  The truth is though that I haven’t been pleased with all my shots.  They are all ok, but none have really gotten me fired up and screaming “yeah baby!!” just yet.  Mostly that is due to the time of day I was there - late afternoon with a really bright sun seemingly on top of me.  So, I vow to return at sunrise or sunset on my next trip out there and hope for more favorable lighting conditions.  Anyways, I am not trying to complain - I am in fact very thankful that I am able to travel there sometimes and bring my camera along.

So, I had been shooting around Fort Point, which is a wonderful place to get shots from (thanks to Pete Talke for the tip!), and decided to walk up the trail and get closer to the top.  Along the trail I encountered this view, which I loved.  I loved the big shadow across the water especially.  So this photo began life as 6 exposures (F/14, +2 to -3) that got merged into an HDR.  The result was a lackluster photo due to the excessive sunlight and a nice San Francisco foggy haze thing hanging around.  So, I tried giving it the old black & white charm, and while I was at it I added a little texture (which is a first for me), and here is the end result, which in my opinion ended up being a fairly decent shot after all.  I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed messing around with it!

An abstract look at San Fran

Sort of an abstract shot from atop the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  I walked up on the bridge, after spending a bit of time taking photos from below at Fort Point.  It was a bit windy up there!  Anyways, I liked the look of the city off in the distance and that one pier jutting out, but by itself it was a pretty boring shot.  As I walked past one of these sets of cables that are supporting the bridge, I figured why not try including that for a little foreground interest?  So, does it work?  The cool thing is that without even reading this, I bet you could tell it was the Golden Gate Bridge, right?

The Golden Gate Bridge

When in San Francisco, it is hard to not want to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge.  It's such a lovely structure.  I had most of an entire day, and purposefully planned my route so that I would wind up here at the end of the day.  I was hoping for sunset, but by the time I arrived here at Ft. Point it was still a pretty good ways until sunset.  So, I will have to get the sunset at the bridge another time.  I also would like to capture this scene at night time - I imagine the bridge looks pretty sweet all lit up.  Ft. Point is definitely a great place to take shots of the bridge from, since you get a nice angle, a clear view, and some cool rusty chains to boot!  

This is a 6 exposure HDR taken at f/14 and merged in Photomatix.  Some additional tweaking was done in PSE and Aperture.  I have a bunch of pictures from this area and I will sprinkle them in here and there.  Hope yo like it and if you ever get to San Fran be sure and grab the camera and head to Ft. Point!

A look at The Golden Gate Bridge

I spent last week in San Fran, and what a great city.  I had some opportunity for photography and of course one of my primary targets was the Golden Gate Bridge.  It is a fantastic structure to see in person - quite impressive.  I spent a good while walking all around and snapping up a lot of shots, but just haven't had time to process most of them.  However I wanted to post something from my trip today so in this case I went for a bit of a non-typical Golden Gate Bridge shot.  This was from Ft. Point, if you know the area, and I was drawn in by this rusted chain link fence and all the texture and detail it possesses.  I decided to go a little over the edge in terms of processing this one, using Topaz Adjust, but just couldn't resist.  One of my favorite parts of the image is the bokeh of the crashing waves - I was happy to capture that!