French Quarter street scene

I enjoy visiting New Orleans quite a bit, and always find myself admiring the architecture in the area.  It really is a beautiful part of the city, full of history and fun.  I was there on business and had some free time, which is nice in a place like that, and wandered around the French Quarter for a while.  I was passing from Royal Street over to Bourbon Street, and saw this little restaurant.  It really caught my eye, so I set up and cranked out a few exposures so I could craft this HDR you are looking at.  Unfortunately I never tried the food, but like nearly all restaurants there I am sure it is quite good!  In fact, I spent so much time taking photos that I never actually had dinner until I made it to a McDonald's at about 10pm.  What a shame, huh?

Night falls on Jackson Square

The French Quarter in New Orleans is such a fun place, and St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square is one of the more well-known landmarks there. It was a stormy afternoon, which gave way to a brilliant sunset. I am always looking for nice color and found it that day. This was a 20 second exposure, single image, not HDR.  I made some minor adjustments in Aperture and that's it!

The cafe life in New Orleans

Cafe Du Monde sits on the edge of the French Quarter in New Orleans.  It is well-known for its chicory coffee and beignets.  I am not a coffee drinker but I can vouch for the beignets.  They are covered in powdered sugar and taste awesome.  Late one night I was there with a bunch of work buddies and we devoured a plate of them.  As I leaned in close to the plate to take my last bite, my big friend across the table blew with all his might at the huge pile of powdered sugar, which landed on me and covered my face and hair.  I looked like Jack Frost or something.  It was funny - at least now I think so.  Anyways, if you get to New Orleans, make the time to stop in here and try the beignets.  Just don't share the plate with a jokester.

French Market, New Orleans

This is the entrance to the French Market in New Orleans, LA.  It is a cool place.  It is basically a Farmers' Market where you can buy produce and assorted things like that.  I set up across the street from it, trying to wait out all the customers that were shopping.  Finally I gave that up because it is a busy place, and just fired off my shots.  After processing the photo, I was glad that I got the people in the shot, because it adds an interesting human element with all their movement, and it perfectly illustrates the hustle and bustle of the market.

Jackson Brewery, New Orleans

This is the Jackson Brewery in New Orleans, home of Jax Beer, which I have never had.  This brewery long ago was converted into a shopping mall and now you can find it full of tourists instead of brewing equipment.  I remember being there with my family when I was 16 years old, eating raw oysters and drinking Corona.  I am not sure why I was allowed to drink at that age, but hey who wants to bring that up when you are 16?  It sure helped those nasty oysters go down the hatch though.  I think we spent a whole afternoon there, which is much better than shopping.  This time I was there alone, and holding a camera and tripod instead of Coronas and oysters.  Single image, 20 second exposure.