The fishing hole

Everybody loves a fishing hole, and I am no exception.  It is great to find a secret spot that delivers, every time.  Too bad this isn't the place.  I don't think I have ever caught a single dang fish in this place!  It's crazy. Every time I have been, people are fishing, but when you ask if they are getting anything, they always say no. I am not sure why anyone goes back - apart from the scenery.  This time I was fishing for images, and I caught a lot of them.  That was the most productive visit I've ever had here.

Taken at Fawn Lakes, outside of Red River, NM.

Cloudy sunset


This shot was taken at Fawn Lakes, a pair of fishing ponds outside of Red River, NM.  The sun was setting and I was fortunate enough to have these great clouds passing by.  It was quiet, except for my camera clicking, and almost deserted, save for a few folks trying to land the last trout of the day.  I have fished there many times and don't believe I have ever caught a single fish, but at least this time I left with something to remember.

The stillness of dusk

Just a few minutes outside of Red River, NM are these two little ponds, which are called Fawn Lakes.  They are accessed by crossing the river over a little wooden footbridge, and then hiking through the woods for a few minutes.  It is a beautiful spot and rather scenic.  There are usually a lot of folks fishing and hanging out, so it was a real treat to find this one deserted when I arrived before sunset to snap a few.  Though the sun was already out of sight, the sky had these awesome clouds and I had enough light to work with.  I really like how the last rays are coming through the top of that tree, and how still and quiet it was there.