Ernest Tubb Record Shop

This is just one of those places that catches your eye and won't let go.  Ernest Tubb Record Shop sits in downtown Nashville, TN on Broadway, which is their main drag.  Broadway is home to many a country bar, and there is an entire stretch of the street that is just covered with cool places with awesome neon signs - and this is in the thick of it.  I try to visit this area every time I go to Nashville.  It's just awesome, and I have a lot of shots from this area, but never as empty as this - until now.  I took this HDR early one morning, prior to heading out to the airport.  I enjoy visiting and photographing touristy spots, but not when they are crowded.  Early morning on a weekday gives you pretty much free rein to run around and snap whatever you want, all by yourself.  I did just that, and came home with lots of goodies!