Enchanted Rock landscape

There are a lot of beautiful places to photograph in the Texas Hill Country (you can

see my list here

), but few can rival the beauty and majesty of Enchanted Rock.  It's just an incredible place!

Below Enchanted Rock

A bit of a “post and run” today.  I grabbed this HDR while wandering around the base of Enchanted Rock up in the Texas hill country.  It’s an incredible place to hike and hang out, and if you have a photo addiction like some people I know (ahem), then it’s a great place for that too.  :-)  

Defying gravity

Don't you just love how the laws of physics work?  You stick a huge, heavy rock on the side of a hill (at a steep decline), and it just sits there.  Isn't it supposed to slide downhill?  I guess that's why I had so much trouble with physics in high school .  Well that, and I hated it.  But I digress. 

Anyways, I shot this at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area in the Texas hill country.  Enchanted Rock is an enormous pink granite rock that rises 425 feet from the surrounding terrain.  I was hiking up the side of Enchanted Rock - and being a dome, yes you can hike up it - and when I saw this it was something I knew I wanted to shoot.  And if you look at the horizon you can see that this really is on the side of a hill.  I'm not trying to fake you out or anything.  :)

Technicals: Nikon D700, 7 exposures, f/13, 14-24 wide angle lens (at 24mm)

Software: Photomatix, Color Efex Pro, Aperture

Clouds granite cactus flowers

I tend to name my photo posts based on what they are, or what you can see in the photo.  In this case, I named it based on what you see when looking from top to bottom.  I must say, sometimes it gets difficult coming up with a name each time I post!

  Here's another shot from my recent wanderings around Enchanted Rock up in the Texas hill country.  It was an awesome day for shooting - at least in my opinion.  Lots of folks want bright blue skies when they are out shooting, but I prefer some interesting clouds any day.  I feel like it adds a layer of drama that a clear sunny sky just can't compete with.  I could spend hours shooting in this area and hiking around - there is a lot to take in and the park itself is rather large.  And the pinkish granite provides a nice color pop!

At the base of Enchanted Rock

Here's another shot I took while up in the Texas hill country recently.  Specifically, this was shot at the bottom of Enchanted Rock after I had finished hiking up to the top and back down.  I saw this little stream of water and followed it, looking for a cool shot.  When I saw that big tree, I was happy.

Windswept tree at Enchanted Rock

Thanks so much to everyone who visited and commented here last week - I really appreciate it and will catch up soon!

Last week was Spring Break here in Central Texas, so the family decided to take the week off and head up to Fredericksburg, which is an awesome little town up in the Texas hill country, about 1.5 hours from Austin.  We mostly hung out and relaxed but I did get a couple of opportunities to go out and shoot.  One afternoon we decided to hike up Enchanted Rock, which is a massive pink granite boulder nearby, and which rises over 425 feet.  It's quite a climb!  It's dome-shaped, so it's a hike instead of what you would call traditional rock-climbing.

This was shot on the back side of Enchanted Rock, but you can get a feel for the size and shape of Enchanted Rock from this photo.  I saw this lone tree sitting there, seemingly braving the elements for an eternity, and just had to shoot it.  This image makes two in a row in black and white, so I think I will return to color tomorrow!  I miss color already!  :)

The road to Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock is a huge pink granite dome that rises 425 feet above the Texas hill country, outside of Fredericksburg, TX.  It's a cool place, always good for a strenuous hike and a commanding view.  I have climbed it many times, but on the day I took this shot, I was merely driving in the area for photographic fun and didn't have the time to detour through the park.   This was a single exposure that I ran through HDR Efex Pro, which gave it a little grain (even in the sky) but I sort of liked it, so I went with it.