Embarcadero's end

I love walking along the Embarcadero in San Francisco - there is just so much to see.  Plus you have San Francisco Bay there along with the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge and it is easy to see why it is my favorite spot in San Fran.  As a photographer, I find so much to shoot there, as I have done many times.  This shot is near the far end of the Embarcadero.  The Bay Bridge is almost right behind me (you can see a portion of it off to the left) as is San Francisco Bay, and I am aiming into the city (or, a fraction of the city).  The Ferry Building is down the Embarcadero to my right (out of frame) about 500 yards, probably about a 7-10 minute walk, depending on how many shots I stop to take.  :)   That place is pure heaven for me.  I have a lot of shots I need to post from that building - it's a beauty!

Most of my free time in San Fran is spent in this area though, as both my work and my hotel are in this section of the city.  When I have larger blocks of open time there, that's when I like to steal off and explore the other parts of this wonderful city.  There's just so much to see and shoot here!  Usually though my free time is short, so a quick walk gets me right into this area, and I am not complaining!

Junk at the wharf

After my meetings one day while in San Francisco, I walked around the Embarcadero, just trying some different things with the camera.  I found a little alley that was tucked away, and which headed towards the water, so I took it.  After a few turns I found myself looking upon this wharf, full of discarded boat junk, I guess.  Not being a boater, I am not much for identifying all these things, but I think the things piled up on the right are some kind of crab trap maybe?  Anyways, I liked the look of it - sort of the marine version of urban decay.

The coffee factory in San Fran

During my last visit to San Francisco, I spent a little time on a photowalk along the Embarcadero, down at the end by the Bay Bridge.  There is a lot to look at.  I saw this old building there, with the big Hills Bros Coffee sign in neon splashed across the top, and just had to shoot it.  I doubt it is currently a coffee factory, but it is definitely in use.  That is the Bay Bridge you see across the top of the left side of the frame.  I really don't know the story of Hills Bros Coffee, so maybe I should Google it sometime, but anyways I loved the blue hour colors, the lights reflecting in the water, and the big neon sign.

Along the Embarcadero

As I mentioned in a recent post, my latest trip to San Fran was very busy with work, leaving little time to chase the light.  I did squeeze in about an hour my last day there just after work and did a little camera-only photo walk, and I was lucky to get a little more time later that evening closer to dusk. This time, I brought the tripod.  Since I was short on time, I stuck close to my hotel which is right off the Embarcadero and mere steps from the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge.  I love both of those places and though I have taken many shots of both already, I anticipate more next time I am out there.  They are just such compelling structures in my opinion.  Anyways, I was taking a few HDR’s here and there when I turned around and saw the Ferry Building straight ahead.  So, this is the shot.  There was an interesting fog hanging around, and you can see a clear line where it breaks in the distance.  Straight ahead is the Ferry Building with the clock tower and orange lights on, and that interesting sculpture of the bow and arrow is called Cupid’s Span.  It symbolizes where Tony Bennett “left his heart”.  What a cool town!