A good day in Edinburgh, Scotland

A good day in Edinburgh, Scotland

Here's a quick visual tour of lovely Edinburgh, Scotland - a beautiful city in a beautiful country.  I spent a day there a while back, and grabbed a lot of photos.  Take a look and enjoy!

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Greyfriars Bobby, Edinburgh

I only had half a day in Edinburgh, but I made the most of it!

Edinburgh, Scotland is a beautiful town.  I wish I had more time there on my visit last year, but sadly I did not.  That happens.  I was in Glasgow on business and, having arrived on a Saturday, decided to take the train up to Edinburgh on Sunday.  So after sleeping in that morning, I headed on up to Edinburgh. 

Why didn't I get up early and spend more time there?  Good question.  Here's the answer: I cannot sleep on planes.  I try and try, and never succeed.  So on all my Europe trips, I am awake all night.  Hence, I tend to leave a day early, knowing full well that I will crash hard the first night and sleep in a bit the following morning.  Ok, enough about that.

So when I was Googling all things Edinburgh, I saw this pub mentioned several times, so I made sure to stop by and get some shots.  No, not those kind of shots.  I'm talking about photos here.  ;-)  Anyways, it's rather cool looking and though it started to rain on me as I stood there, I'm glad I got the shot.  Maybe on a future visit to Scotland I can spend a little more time here and really get to know the city, because it's quite lovely!

Here's a "behind the keyboard" screenshot from Color Efex Pro, for the fun of it:

Edinburgh storefront

Edinburgh Scotland is awesome!

I feel like I say "such and such is an awesome town" all the time.  In fact, I know I do.  But the truth is that I find so many of these places to be incredibly awesome.  I can try and come up with some other words maybe, but the sentiment is the same.  I like going places and seeing places, and I always find things that I like wherever I go.

I guess I've been lucky in that I haven't had to go any places that are total dumps.  I am sure they are out there, but I haven't seen them yet.  I also think that it's a frame of mind for me.  I look for the positive in everything, and as a result I really enjoy seeing these places, whether they are awesome to everyone or just to me.

Anyways, back to Edinburgh.  It's awesome (haha, had to say that!).  I wandered the streets in Edinburgh for half a day, saw a palace and some abbey ruins, climbed to the top of the hill where the castle is, walked the Royal Mile, and just totally enjoyed it, even when it rained on me.  How could you not like all that?

At some point and on some street, I came across this shop window, and just thought that it had some great character (see, I didn't say awesome!), so I waited for other passers-by to pass by, and I fired away.  Awesome!  LOL

Back at Holyrood

An old ruined abbey in Scotland?  Yes please! 

I shared a photo from Holyrood recently and thought I would go ahead and share this one as well.  I took quite a few there, but in some cases had tourists wander into one of my frames, so I need to spend a little time working on those and getting them ready to share here - lots to do!

Holyrood Abbey sits at the end of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland.  It's right behind Holyrood Palace, which is the Queen's official residence in Scotland.  While the palace is pretty nice, I was really fired up about shooting these ruins.  I love ruins, and castles, and churches, and HDR, and Scotland...so it was like a combo of everything I love to shoot all rolled into one!  It was awesome!   

I had the benefit of nice afternoon light and some clouds in the sky - but no rain! - and was able to capitalize on the nice weather.  It was a Sunday afternoon though, hence my earlier comment about tourists which I'm guessing you could avoid if you went on a weekday afternoon, for example.

But regardless of when you go, be sure and bring the camera and get ready to fire a lot of shots here - it's really a beautiful place! 

The Malt Shovel, Edinburgh

Happy Halloween everyone! 

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween, sorry.  I am never very good at planning ahead and getting a shot for a specific holiday.  I have some old pumpkin shots, but didn't feel like dragging them out.  Maybe next year. 

So instead, I offer you The Malt Shovel. 

This is a pub in Edinburgh, Scotland that I walked past as I was wandering around that lovely town.  I loved the name and the look of it, so I stopped and waited for the tourists to clear, then fired away.  It only took a couple of attempts to get an empty scene. 

I shoot a lot of random things like this when I travel.  If it catches my eye, I will take the shot.   I will likely never sell a print like this or get anything financially from having taken it, but I take these anyways.  I just love to do it.  It's part of the fun of travel, and serves as sort of a visual bookmark of a trip for me.  So, I'll keep at it I guess.

Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying a Spooktacular Halloween! 

Leaving Edinburgh Castle

I think castles might be my favorite type of structure - ever!  You? 

I remember loving castles as a kid.  When I was in 2nd grade, my family lived in Germany, which happens to have a *few* castles laying around.  I visited some of the famous ones (like Neuschwanstein, which is still my favorite) and some not-so-famous ones, and loved them all.

When we were in the Loire Valley of France this past summer, we visited 5 different chateaux (which are kinda like castles, at least to me) and I loved them all.  And whenever I go over to Europe for work, if I am visiting a city with a castle I make sure to stop in and check it out.  It's just another thing I love.  What can I do about it? 

So, the Edinburgh Castle was definitely top of my list when I planned my half-day adventure to this lovely Scottish city, and I was not disappointed.  True, I only had a short while to explore it since it was closing early, but I ran around and saw it all (albeit briefly), and took as many shots as I could.  This is one of the last ones I took, which I shot as I was leaving.  I happened to turn around one last time, and this was my view. 

The ruins at Holyrood Abbey

Man, I love me some ruins!  (especially when they're in Scotland) 

Holyrood Palace sits at the low end of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, which is another way of saying it's at the bottom of the hill.  Or, you could say "bring your walking shoes", because that's exactly what you need in Edinburgh - but that's ok.  You will enjoy the walking, because there is so much to see.   It's an awesome place.

I walked a lot that day because my plan was to depart the train station, check out the town a bit by wandering aimlessly (which is something I love to do in a new place) and end up at the Edinburgh Castle (the subject of yesterday's post) towards the end of the day when the light was softer.   I did just that.  In other words, I had sore feet by the end of the day, because the town is pretty hilly.

Anyways, I went to Holyrood Palace (The Queen's official residence in Scotland) and, knowing the ruins were accessible after going through the Palace, I motored through it pretty quick in order to get to "the good stuff".  Like I said, I love ruins. and it's rare that I get to see them.

Can you say that I gave the Palace scant attention in favor of something less glamorous?  I did, but I cannot apologize for it.  Palaces are beautiful, but unless you are talking about Versailles or something they all start to look the same.  I wanted ruins...and I got them.  Fun!


Edinburgh Castle

Sitting high on a hill, overlooking Edinburgh... 

With all my recent travels (Glasgow, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Nashville) I had completely forgotten that I took a half-day detour up to Edinburgh, Scotland while I was in Glasgow.  It's a town that I have wanted to see for years, and yep - totally forgot about going there.  Maybe I need to slow down a bit.  ;-)

Well anyways, I did make it up to that most lovely of cities, and...it's lovely!  Ok, that's not much of an endorsement, but it really is lovely.  I found the architecture to be stunning, the Royal Mile to be a strenuous but definitely worthwhile walk, and of course I loved the castle.  But, that sorta goes without saying because I love all castles. 

The truth is though that I ran through Edinburgh Castle faster than an Irishman through a pint of Guinness.  I arrived with about 30 minutes left until they closed (it was a Sunday, and I guess they close early then or something).  So, I dashed around the Castle (which is sort of a collection of a few buildings) and checked it out, and of course took every opportunity to fire some shots. 

I grabbed this one while I was leaving.  It pays to always look behind you when you are out shooting, because you might just find a view you like.  I need to remember that more often, but thankfully did remember it here!