Faux Paris

Faux Paris

Twilight descends upon the French Pavilion at EPCOT, and I am firing away, pretending that I am really in Paris..

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A big bunch of EPCOT photos

A big bunch of EPCOT photos

We recently visited the EPCOT them park in Orlando, FL and I had a great time taking a BUNCH of photos there.  Here are 15 photographs that illustrate the beauty of this park.  It's like a miniature world tour in one day!

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EPCOT's Chinese temple

First of all, I just want to say THANK YOU to those who continue to visit my site frequently, I really appreciate that.  Also, thanks for those of you who leave comments here or on Facebook, as well as the Likes and Shares.  I am still enjoying Santa Fe with the family (which you would know if you subscribe to my public updates on FB here - and you could see some iPhone shots there too!), and will be coming home soon with a load of great new pics to share.

Daily Photo: EPCOT's Chinese temple

I love EPCOT, which you surely know if you have visited here much in the past.  It's such a great concentration of different cultures that it feels like a quick world tour.  Yes, I know it's staged, but having been to many of the places represented there (Germany, Canada, Italy for example) I feel like they do a great job of making you feel like you are really there.  I haven't been to China yet, but I bet this is a good representation of it.  Well, except for that trash bin.  :) 

Campanile reflections

Shooting at EPCOT is just plain fun.  It's like a million mini-vacations rolled into one.  One minute you are shooting in Japan, then you are in Italy looking at this beautiful scene.  Throw in some nice color in the sky at sunset, and it makes for a pretty exciting time with the camera! 

The Italian wine bar at EPCOT

Oh, EPCOT.  I do enjoy this place.  In fact it came up today in a conversation with some friends.  By the way, hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  We had a great day today with family and friends - had some good food, ate some candy, hid some eggs, ate some more candy, watched a little Masters golf (great finish) and might have had a little more candy when no one else was looking.  But let's keep that quiet, shall we?

Ok, back to EPCOT.  It's quite a place, whether you bring a camera or not (but of course you should).  I love all the different snippets of culture that they have recreated there - it gives you sort of a mini-whirlwind tour of some great spots.  Which reminds me that I am getting ready for a whirlwind tours of sorts as well, real soon. More on that later.  You'll have to come back to read about it - and see the photos of course!

Hope you enjoy the photo, and thanks for stopping by!

Paris in Florida

Oh how I enjoy my visits to EPCOT.  It's fun to cram 20 countries and cultures into a few hours, but it does get tiring.  The good thing is that when you get tired, you can go find a quiet little spot in a corner, soak up a little more culture, and relax.  I had done just that over in the French section of EPCOT and was gearing up for some more photos when this scene caught my eye.  It really looks Parisian to me - they do a fine job there of recreating the feel of certain places.

Goodnight, Spaceship

This is Spaceship Earth, which is sorta the centerpiece of EPCOT at DisneyWorld in Orlando, FL.  It sits on the edge of this lagoon, and has all these cool lights, so it's a great spot to get some shots there at night after you have (hopefully) HDR'd all over the rest of EPCOT (which I consider an HDR heaven).  I had just witnessed (and photographed) the laser light show which happens over the lagoon, and was walking to the exit when I saw this scene, and thought, "well, maybe one more shot".  This is a basic long exposure, no HDR this time.  But more coming next week!

The Torii Gate at EPCOT

I love EPCOT.  In addition to offering up so many wonderful photo opportunities, it's a great cultural experience.  It's not like being there, but it sure is a good substitute when you are longing for some internationalism kinda stuff.  I have always wanted to visit Japan and someday hope to photograph that beautiful country.  For now though, I am totally fine firing off shots like this, pretending I am there.

One other place I have always wanted to visit is Ireland, and that is happening as I type this.  I got into Dublin over the weekend and have TONS of shots to process and stories to share with everyone, so look for that coming soon!  I also have some iPhone shots I will be sharing on my iPhoneography blog, in case you want to see them.  More soon!

Fired up

I caught this image at EPCOT one evening, as they were wrapping up their nightly fireworks show.  It's a pretty impressive show as far as I am concerned, and it's just one more thing to add to the list of what to photograph while there - and it's a pretty long list, I tell ya!

EPCOT's Paris scene

I really enjoy visiting EPCOT at Disney in Orlando, FL - and it's a great place to take photos.  I think they do a pretty solid job of making all the various countries appear pretty realistic.  Take this scene from the France section.  I'm certainly not an expert in Parisian things, but when I was there years back, I recall walking along the Seine and seeing little booths like this set up with people selling books, postcards, paintings and other art works.  It's cool to see it replicated at EPCOT and it adds a degree of reality to what's basically a big staged scene.  I'd rather be in Paris, but this is much closer and does give you a nice feel for the place.