Moon over palms

Just a quick post, as all of us here in the US are heading into a long holiday weekend.  I snapped this one on the go last summer in Corpus Christi, TX while out to dinner.  I just loved the sunlight on the palms, with passing clouds and the moon overhead.

Sunrise reflections

Sometimes, you just get great light and color.  Mother Nature can be your best friend.  I am a big fan of early morning shooting, so when I was in Corpus Christi, TX for a little family vacation earlier this year, I made a point to get up early one morning (while the tourists were sleeping) and get some shots in the quiet stillness of dawn.  I shot the sunrise from multiple spots, and definitely had planned to find some cool boats to get some reflection shots too.  Luckily, it's a small town and everything is pretty close together!

The color of darkness

Just a quick snap I took on my recent visit down to Corpus Christi along the Texas coast.  We were enjoying a wonderful dinner at a restaurant on the 20th floor of a tall building, and I could just see the sky changing and had to investigate.  You feel that pull, right?  I know I do.  You just have to go see this with your own eyes, and right this minute.  So of course I excused myself for a few minutes, because the food ain't going nowhere while the light is going through rapid and colorful change.  Some things you just have to do RIGHT NOW.


I took this shot while standing in the water on St. Joseph Island, just off the Texas coast.  We were staying in Corpus Christi, and took the ferry boat over to Port Aransas, and from there took a little jetty boat out to St. Joseph Island.  We have been once before, and as a state preserve (or something like that) it offers some incredible unspoiled beaches.  We have found many sand dollars while walking along this beach - it's that pristine.  I was drawn in to those wonderful clouds and the deep blue of the summer sky.

Sunrise in Corpus Christi

I do love to shoot early in the morning, though I admit it is sometimes hard to get rolling when it's still dark outside.  Usually, I grab a bottle of water and an energy bar of some sort, shoot like crazy and have a heck of a good time, then reward myself with a huge black tea at Starbucks when it's all over and the light is bright.  I love English Breakfast tea!  I am a tea guy - no coffee for me.  I love the smell of coffee, but have not developed a taste for it.

Anyways, I assume you came here to see a photo, not get insight into my morning drinking habits.  So, this is from my recent trip down to the Texas coast.  We stayed in Corpus Christi and on the last morning, I got up pretty early to get out and see if I could grab some sunrise shots.  I was hoping for some dramatic cloud action, but they were tame and distant that morning, so I had to just enjoy the beautiful colors the sky was producing - which ain't a bad deal really!

St. Joseph Island

Last summer, we went down to Corpus Christi, TX which is along the Texas coast.  We spent a few days there, lounging around the beach and relaxing.  It was nice.  One day we went over to Port Aransas, a small fishing town, and grabbed a boat ride over to St. Joseph Island.  The island is a short ride away, but the beauty of it is that it is uninhabited.  We got a morning boat ride so we could do a little beach combing and spent a few hours there.  We had heard there were sand dollars that washed up on the beach there, so we had to check it out. Guess what?  We found nearly 20 sand dollars!  It was awesome.  We'll probably go back this year.  Anyways, I grabbed this shot just as we arrived.  The sun was already high overhead, so it was obviously not optimal conditions but it sure was a fun visit.

A south Texas sunset

Last summer we went down to Corpus Christi, TX for a long weekend to enjoy the beach.  We arrived around sunset the first night and were treated to this beautiful display in the sky.  It was amazing and certainly ranks as one of the most memorable sunsets that I have seen!

A day at the beach

Here's a shot from last summer, when we went down to Corpus Christi and spent some time on the Texas beach.  Much to my surprise, I found it to be clean, free of oil, and rather fun!  Thought I would post something warm and sunny today, for all those out there enjoying the depths of winter!

Night in the marina

A view over the marina in Corpus Christi, TX one evening this past summer.  I like how the long exposure smooths out the water.

I will be offline for a few days celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday, so will post again next week.  Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday and a great weekend too everyone, and thanks for visiting my photostream.

Slight ripples

I like boats, though I don't own one and don't want to.  I guess I like the idea of boats then.  Anyways, I do like to take photos of them, if you can get a cool reflection or something like that.  In this case, I got this shot after returning from our little cruise around the bay in Corpus Christi, TX.  These were all there, sitting at anchor and waiting for someone to come enjoy them.  I enjoyed taking their photo, even if it was a fleeting moment as we cruised past.