Christmas in Austin

Christmas in Austin

Here's a handful of holiday shots to share, taken here in Austin a couple of years ago!  I always enjoy this season and seeing all the twinkly stuff out there - it just sort of puts a smile on my face!  Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  Thanks so much for your support in 2012!

It’s been a great year, and I will share a post later this week looking back on my year in photography.  But now, time to wrap some gifts and eat some candy. :-)

This is the famous Christmas tree that is displayed each year in the lobby of the Driskill Hotel, here in Austin, TX.  It’s a fabulous hotel and a beautiful tree, so enjoy the view and I will be back with more photos after the holiday!

A Bricktown Christmas

I sure hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this past weekend!  It was great fun for us.  Family, food, fun - it was all there.  A little too much food maybe :).  I wanted to share this shot which I took on a recent trip to Oklahoma City.  In their old historic district downtown, called Bricktown, there is this river that runs through it and it is all lit up for for the holidays.  I made my way through there, following the river and snapping lots of HDR's of each scene.  I am a sucker for reflections, and when you throw in some Christmas lights I find it impossible to resist.  Hope you enjoy the shot, hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and thanks for stopping by today!

Happy Holidays to all!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful Holiday Season!  Thanks so much for the visits, the comments, the Likes, and all that stuff.  It’s been great fun for me and I plan to keep bringing you nice photos to look at each week!

I took this shot a year ago when I was in Beaver Creek, CO.  This is a single long exposure (30 seconds) and the reason I wanted to share it today is that it has three elements in it that represent Christmas to me: the first being (quite obviously) the trees all lit up, the second being the snow (though it is not looking too good here due to the blurred cars passing by), and the third being the light trails of those passing cars, which to me symbolize how rapidly the Holidays come and go - they just whiz by!

Hope you enjoy your Holidays and thanks again for stopping by!  I’ll be back next week with more exciting and beautiful pictures!

Deck the halls

Ok, so I know Christmas is already gone, but I just wanted to share this one.  I took this HDR at the Westin La Cantera in San Antonio, during our quick trip to the resort at the beginning of January. Since they still had all the Christmas decorations out, I thought it would be fun to keep the Christmas spirit alive!

Also, I have some news about getting a series of my photographs published recently, which I will post later today.  So stay tuned on that front, it is very exciting for me!

Beaver Creek retail

On my recent trip to Beaver Creek, I spent a little time wandering around the village and checking out everything.  There are lots of shops and restaurants and it really has the feel of a European alpine village.  This is one of those stores - Karin's of Beaver Creek, which appears to sell home furnishings.  I was really drawn in by the look of it with the Christmas decorations and all the texture and detail.

Stay warm out there!

It was 29 degrees in Austin this morning - that's pretty cold to me!  We built a nice fire, and have been letting it burn all day.  I have made 2 trips already to buy more wood, but it is warm and cozy by the fire!  Hope you are having a warm day and enjoying all the Christmas bounty!

Christmas at The Driskill

The Driskill Hotel is the grand dame of hotels in Austin.  It is old, historic and all those sorts of words used in the nicest way possible.  I took this last night while on a Holiday Photowalk with a bunch of great Austin photographers.  We started at the Capitol and cruised around, snapping away and geeking out on camera gear and the like.  It was enjoyable to say the least.