The hidden shrine


There's a benefit to wandering in new places.  I was in the Carmel Mission, in Carmel, CA and only had a short little while to check it out (and capture some shots).  I made it through the front courtyard, and the interior (I need to process that one!) and finally made my way into the "backyard" area of the complex.  It was pretty wide open, but there was a little area sort of tucked into a corner - which I could not clearly see from where I was - so of course I meandered over there and discovered this little shrine.  Looking at the photo now, it makes me think of something from an Indy Jones movie!

A passage at Carmel Mission

I was cruising around Carmel Mission and turned a corner, right into this empty hallway.  I had it all to myself, which is the way I prefer to shoot HDR’s!  (That is, unless I am on a photowalk with fellow photogs.)  Not a lot to say today - except that I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  I really appreciate all the visits and comments this week! 

The Carmel Mission

As I mentioned in a previous post about Carmel, I have a bazillion photos from my trip out West to process and post, so I will continue to scatter them in here and there.  Ok, so the real number is just north of 1,000 but it feels like a bazillion!  This is from my brief but photographically productive trip to the Carmel Mission, in Carmel, CA.  I had a little spare time, and didn’t have a map handy, but knew the Mission was somewhere just south of town.  So, I found the aptly named Mission Street, went south, and bam!  Works every time.  This is just after you enter, as you approach the chapel.  As you can see it was a slightly overcast day, which is ok by me (especially for HDR shots) and was not crowded at all (also ok by me!).  I cruised around, snapped a bunch of shots, and enjoyed the heck out of it.  I always enjoy photographing churches and missions anyway, and this one is particularly fetching, as some would say.

The entry to the Carmel Mission

I just love photos of doorways and entrances.  They are so inviting to me.  I have been taking shots of them for years, and have quite a few from my time in Carmel recently.  In other words, I hope you like them too since I have a lot to share!  They often don’t have the dramatic impact of a sweeping landscape, but to me they leave much to the imagination and can be quite interesting, especially when there is some history associated with the structure.

I caught this one at the Carmel Mission, which is a great place to visit.  I enjoy photographing churches and missions, and this one has been on my list for a long time.  

It is a working church and school, and has the added benefit of having been around since the 1700’s.  It is beautiful.  We were on our last day in Carmel, and I was just itching to shoot here, so my wife let me slip away for about an hour.  It was not too crowded, which is nice of course, and I ran around like a crazy man taking shots left and right.  Hopefully next time I am there I can make a proper visit and spend a little longer soaking up the history.  But nonetheless, I walked away with many shots that I am happy with, which was the main goal anyways.  I’ll save the history lesson for next time!