A gate on Canyon Road

I love Santa Fe, folks.  It's a wonderful little town, and having just gotten back from a family trip there, I think I will dedicate this week to Santa Fe - yep, it will be Santa Fe Week here on Nomadic Pursuits - hope you don't mind!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I returned with ~1800 shots to process, and no I am not anywhere near being done with them - but I got a few done and though I am clearly a little biased, I got some real winners!

So, without further ado, here is Day 1 of Santa Fe Week on Nomadic Pursuits! (and by the way, I have never dedicated a whole week to a single location, so let me know if you end up getting bored out there, or if you enjoy this little bit of location focus)

As I have said here before (at least I think I have, but I could be making this up), Santa Fe has a whole bunch of great sites to photograph, and most are near or no more than an hour away.

Ok, wait - just remembered.  I did say this before.  Just the other day I published a Top Photo Spots in Santa Fe, which you can find by clicking on those highlighted words, or by looking for the article on the left sidebar, under the category called "Travel Photography Tips!".  

One such spot that is in Santa Fe - and very central and easy to get to - is Canyon Road.  It's a long road full of art galleries and studios, and though that might sound boring to some, there are a million photographs there just waiting to be taken.  Every side street, every gallery, every turn - something photo-worthy is waiting for ya, so get a bottle of water, your camera, and some walking shoes, and hit Canyon Road!  You can thank me later!


I never tire of looking for or at interesting doors and entryways when I travel.  I am always scouting for them, and it makes me smile when I find interesting ones, such as this one that I discovered while on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM.  Canyon Road is a great place to visit, because it is an entire street dedicated to art galleries. Literally the whole street is one gallery after another.  It does get to the point where you feel like you hit "art overload", but there is a lot to photograph there!  So, grab some caffeine and keep shooting!  There's cool stuff out there and you don't want to miss it!

Along Canyon Road

Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM is a fabulous place to wander.  I'm a fan of wandering, by the way, especially in a place where I can find inspiring things to photograph at every turn.  If you aren't familiar with Canyon Road, it's the art gallery district of Santa Fe.  The entire street is lined with art galleries and studios, along with a sprinkling of cafes and restaurants.  It's a wonderful place to spend an afternoon - or a whole day!  Bring your camera! You can literally find inspiring architectural shots at every turn, as well as a lot of cool doors and gates - another favorite subject of mine.  More soon from this lovely place!

A mix of old and new

This beautiful art gallery sits on the edge of Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM.  As I have mentioned before, Canyon Road is awash in galleries.  They are everywhere, and offer all types of art, from Native American to Impressionist to Russian.  It's pretty cool.  Walking back to the car after a tough day of gallery wandering, I passed this one by.  I instantly liked the look of it and how it seems to comfortably blend the Southwestern adobe look with the more contemporary sculptures and paintings.  Though the two styles are worlds apart, it's interesting how well it works here, at least in my opinion.  It makes you think about countries, politics and people and how maybe we could do the same thing.  Well, maybe that's a stretch!  :)



The blue gate

Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM is full of art studios.  Every single thing on the road is an art studio.  It's pretty cool, though after a while your brain gets "gallery overload" and you have trouble telling the difference between modern art and prehistoric etchings.  Anyways, prior to losing my mind there, I came across this studio which had this awesome blue gate.  Something about doors and entrances really gets to me.  Perhaps it is just the symbolic entry into something new, but whatever it is, I like them.