Recently we popped over to The Blanton Museum of Art to check out their Renaissance exhibit, which is fabulous.  I really enjoy going to a museum and observing the various types of interesting things they have on display.  I am a big fan of the Renaissance (who isn't really?) but I appreciate other styles as well.  When I walked into this gallery, I immediately noticed the gentleman sitting there, seemingly contemplating the work of modern art hanging in front of him.  Or maybe he was tired and isn't a museum type.  One thing I find a little frustrating is that they allowed me to take some shots on the tripod in the lobby and downstairs, but would not allow a tripod into the exhibits upstairs.  I understand the "no flash" rule and appreciate that (and abide by it), but it makes no sense to me why I can't take shots from my tripod.  I am not sure what they hope to accomplish with that rule.

This is a single exposure taken at f/7.1 for 0.6 seconds.  Exposure bias was -1.0ev and the ISO was 100.  I made some minor adjustments in PSE, mostly around Contrast, then smoothed it out a little in Topaz Adjust and finished it in Aperture by straightening a little and fixing a couple of minor blemishes.