Man shoots dolphin

Hehe, a whimsical title for a whimsical shot today my friends!  No man in his right mind would ever shoot a dolphin anyways - or a mermaid or unicorn - lest he wanted an army of 9 year old girls to come beat him up!

I caught this one while wandering in the depths of the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, TX.  We were there at the end of last summer, and had descended underground to see the dolphin tank from below.  It's pretty cool down there (literally and figuratively) and a great way to escape the oppressive heat and humidity.  I knew the moment I entered the room that I was going to get some sweet silhouette action. It was just a matter of waiting for the right shot to line up - and for a dolphin to swim by!

Swainson's hawk

While at the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, we stopped to watch their Wild Flight show, which had numerous birds of prey flying about and keeping my camera busy.  After the show, they brought out this beautiful bird and let us get up close.  I bolted over there, knowing I could get some good shots before he was surrounded.  I believe he said it was a Swainson’s hawk, but if anyone out there can confirm otherwise I am all ears.  Regardless of the type of bird, I found it to be incredibly beautiful and of course fun to photograph up close!  If you get a chance, I recommend spending some time at the Texas State Aquarium.  There are many exhibits and it’s just fun anyways to check out these things.  Oh, and bring your camera!

Turtle portrait

I got this shot at the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, TX.  I spent a while walking around to the different viewing windows at the turtle enclosure, as the turtles were definitely on the move.  I found it rather hard to get a nice crisp image, since they were in motion and I was shooting through thick glass, but I thought this one came out alright.  It would be really interesting to see one of these closeup in the wild!


I caught this image at the Texas State Aquarium down in Corpus Christi.  It's really a must-see if in Corpus and all the exhibits were really interesting.  We watched the dolphin show and then later found ourselves down below in their underwater viewing room.  It was crowded and hard to get a good shot as these creatures swam by, but I thought this one came out decently, all things considered.  Dolphins are interesting to watch and I love how they always seem to be smiling.  Friendly, ain't they?