Daybreak in San Diego

Early morning, before a flight...I got up, looked out my window, and knew I had to get off a few shots before my departure!  Luckily I had a little time, and my hotel was next to the airport.  It was a glorious sunrise!

Technicals: Nikon D40x, single exposure at f/14, -1 ev, Sigma 18-200 lens (at 25mm)

Software: Color Efex Pro, Aperture

Clouds over the marina

ANNOUNCEMENT: New Blog Series/Guest-Feature-thing coming soon!!  Something cool I have been thinking about and working on for a while.  I alluded to this during my "Farewell 2011" post, and the first one is just about ready.  I think maybe this please keep checking back.  Is that enough of a teaser for ya?

I caught this image while wandering around outside my hotel in San Diego, CA.  I was there for work and had a little time before I had to get busy - so I couldn't wander far - but anytime I can get awesome clouds and some cool boats I am pretty happy to fire off some brackets!  Even if it makes me late for a meeting haha.

One thing to keep in mind when shooting boats is that since they are on water they are moving.  I know that is obvious, but when you are in the moment it doesn't always come to mind.  Sometimes the movement is very slight, and you may not even notice it when you are there, but when you are taking multiple exposures (or a long exposure) it can cause problems.  I learned long ago never to actually stand on the dock and shoot, since they are not that steady and your shots will never line up, or they will blur!  I learned that one the hard way, sadly.  And they were some cool shots.  Oh well.   :)

San Diego sunrise

Just a quick post today - running off to the airport to get home!  Here is a shot I caught one morning in San Diego, CA.  I was headed to the airport that morning as well, and stopped for a few minutes when I saw this amazing sunrise taking hold.  I took a lot of shots that morning, and still made my flight!  Sometimes, things just work out.  Thanks for stopping by!

Waiting for clearance

   This was shot in Balboa Park in San Diego.  It's a beautiful place.  I parked the car and started walking around, immediately firing off shots left and right.  I came to this sort of hallway which was attached to one of their main buildings, and knew I wanted the shot in HDR.  Well, it was a pretty busy day and every time I started firing off my shots, someone would walk around the corner and into my shot.  I think it took me 3-4 tries to finally get all the shots without any intruders in them!  It's funny because many times in places like this, someone will be about 10 feet away and realize they are in my shot, so they scoot over really close to the wall, as if that gets them out of my view.  Of course I wave them off with a smile since I appreciate their effort, but there are also those folks who see me and walk on slowly, or stand there like they own the place.  I don't smile at them.  (haha) 

In this shot I really like the repetitive pattern of the arches and the ceiling lights, and tried to make those items the focus of the shot.  The HDR process really helps accentuate that, and you can see I bumped up the contrast a little too so as to further give it a little pop.  In HDR Efex Pro I also cranked up the structure a little on the floor, which brings out some of that cool texture.

Thanks for having a look!

Two sides of San Diego

On the morning that I was leaving San Diego, I looked out my hotel room window and saw a fabulous sunrise starting to form.  I hurried up and packed and headed out to capture it.  At one point the sky seemed to have this firm line in it, between the red of the new day and the blue of the previous night.  It was kinda weird but I was happy to be there with a camera!

Something new tomorrow!  Please come back for a visit tomorrow.  I have a little project I have been working on and will post it tomorrow.  Nothing big or fancy, just a little homage to Austin - with a twist!

San Diego trees

I have an appreciation for black and white photos.  The thing is, I am a big color guy at heart.  So I mostly convert to black and white when I feel the color version isn't working.  I would like to change that and learn more about the art and science behind black and white photography.  Do folks that primarily do black and white actually think in black and white?  What I mean is, is there a different way of looking at a scene when you anticipate it will be a black and white photo?  I suspect there is.  I don't really know but I want to hear what you all think about it...

This shot was taken back in October in San Diego, CA.  If was a weirdly foggy day (isn't Southern California supposed to be the land of eternal sunshine?) and I had a little spare time, so I walked out from my hotel and cruised around for a bit.  You can see part of the San Diego skyline in the distance.  It's a great town for photography, even when the sun isn't shining!

Approaching the tower

This is a shot from Balboa Park in San Diego, CA.  I spent a good while walking around because there is just so much to shoot there!  It's a beautiful park and if you are ever in the area it is worth a visit!  That's the California Tower in the distance, and it seems to be the centerpiece of the park, rising way above everything else.  As you can see, I had some cool clouds that day, which is always nice!

Blue hour in Balboa Park

I was walking around in Balboa Park, which is near downtown San Diego, CA, and having a great time taking pictures of all sorts of things.  It's a beautiful park with lots of gardens and interesting architecture, and it's just fun to wander around there and shoot.  Anyways, it was approaching the blue hour, and I was looking for a cool spot to set up so I could get a shot that represented the park to me.  As I wandered, I came across this scene, with the big pond just sitting there, and once I saw all the reflections, the lights and the architecture together like that, I knew this was the shot I was seeking.

Night in Balboa Park

I was wandering around Balboa Park in San Diego, just me and my Nikon.  It's a beautiful place, and I wish I had more than one evening to shoot there.  There are some awesome buildings there and I spent a good bit of time taking all sorts of shots.  After dark I was making my way back to find the car, and was lining up for a night shot of this tower, but could never get a clean shot with no cars.  So, I did the obvious and went for a long exposure with light trails.  Unfortunately all the traffic was coming towards me, meaning I couldn't get any cool red taillights, but hey it was a great time anyways!

Good morning, San Diego

During my recent trip to San Diego, most of my shooting was done after hours, but I was able to squeeze in about 20 minutes of shooting on the morning I departed, which ended up being an amazing and colorful sunrise. So, I have several more shots which all include this amazing sky and cloud combination.  I have really developed a taste for sunrise.  It’s hard sometimes to get up and moving (though not as hard when you have a plane to catch!) but I find I am more often than not rewarded for my efforts.