A Port Aransas sunrise

As a follow up to a shot I posted last week, I wanted to share another sunrise photo from my recent trip down to the Texas gulf coast.  As I said before, I had a couple of fabulous sunrises there with great clouds and color.  It was awesome.

On the morning that this occurred, I was moving slow I guess and by the time I looked outside, this was already in full swing.  I grabbed my gear and headed to the back porch.  Although I wanted to shoot this on the beach, I knew that I didn’t have the time to get there.  The back porch had to work.

Luckily, there was this little lagoon between the houses in the community, and that gave me the option to get some sweet reflections.  I was pretty fired up when I saw all that color in the sky.

Doesn’t it look like some Skittles exploded or something? LOL

Sunrise on the Texas gulf coast

As you may know if you follow my page on Facebook, I recently spent some time down along the Texas coast for a little end of summer family getaway.  It’s something we have been doing for a few years, and always enjoy it.  It’s a nice way to kiss summer goodbye before the madness of school begins.

Each morning when I got up, I of course had to look outside at the skies and see if sunrise was going to produce anything exciting for me.  In fact it did on two separate mornings.  I guess I have good sunrise karma.

On this particular morning, several of us walked down to the beach to enjoy this lovely site.  Being a little twitchy, I walked a bit faster so as to get there quickly.  Once you miss the light, it’s gone, as you know.  And this is one I didn’t want to miss!

Sunset in the Gulf

I caught this sunset off the back of a boat in Port Aransas, TX.  We went out for a sunset cruise while there one evening last summer.  We saw a pod of dolphins, which swam near our boat and frolicked in the sea for a bit, and as the light was fading we made our way back to the dock.  It turned out to be a pretty beautiful ending to a nice day at the beach!

Sunrise at Cinnamon Shore

There are a lot of reasons to get up and shoot the sunrise, and probably at least one good reason not to!  But I love shooting that time of day.  Everything is still and quiet, and it often feels like you have a place all to yourself.

I got up and out early one morning when we took a family trip last summer down to the Texas coast.  We were staying at a place outside of Port Aransas, TX known as Cinnamon Shore.  It's a beautiful neighborhood, right on the beach, and has all these wonderfully beautiful houses for rent.

As you can see, that morning I was treated to an incredible cloud formation, perfect light, and crisp reflections due to the lack of wind.  All around it was a winner!

Summer's over

We recently took a family "end of summer" trip down to Port Aransas, TX which is on the coast.  It's become a bit of a tradition for the whole family to hang out at the beach as the summer wraps up.  It's our last hurrah before school starts and everyone gets back in the routines that we seem exempt from in the summer.

This time we stayed at Cinnamon Shore, which is a beautiful little village community with direct beach access as well as fishing ponds and a swimming pool to enjoy.  I grabbed this shot as we set up on the beach one day.  It just looked and felt like summer to me.  

School starts this week in Texas - hope everyone enjoyed their summers!

Wharf Cat

I grabbed this shot right before we boarded a boat from Port Aransas, TX over to St. Joseph Island.  The island is uninhabited, and there is only one boat over.  We got there early to make sure we could get a spot, because the beach is great for gathering shells, and we wanted to get some!  We were lucky and found lots of sand dollars, plus we had a great time hanging on the beach.  I hope everyone in the U.S. has enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend - and thank a soldier for their service if you see one!

Here's one other shot I took at St. Joseph Island - I was standing in the water, shooting this and that as I walked along.  This was aimed back at the sand dunes because I just loved the deep blue color of the sky!

Memorial Day weekend always feels like it's the start of the summer, and thinking about the summertime always makes me think of the beach - so thought I would share a couple from the Texas coast!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


I took this shot while standing in the water on St. Joseph Island, just off the Texas coast.  We were staying in Corpus Christi, and took the ferry boat over to Port Aransas, and from there took a little jetty boat out to St. Joseph Island.  We have been once before, and as a state preserve (or something like that) it offers some incredible unspoiled beaches.  We have found many sand dollars while walking along this beach - it's that pristine.  I was drawn in to those wonderful clouds and the deep blue of the summer sky.

St. Joseph Island

Last summer, we went down to Corpus Christi, TX which is along the Texas coast.  We spent a few days there, lounging around the beach and relaxing.  It was nice.  One day we went over to Port Aransas, a small fishing town, and grabbed a boat ride over to St. Joseph Island.  The island is a short ride away, but the beauty of it is that it is uninhabited.  We got a morning boat ride so we could do a little beach combing and spent a few hours there.  We had heard there were sand dollars that washed up on the beach there, so we had to check it out. Guess what?  We found nearly 20 sand dollars!  It was awesome.  We'll probably go back this year.  Anyways, I grabbed this shot just as we arrived.  The sun was already high overhead, so it was obviously not optimal conditions but it sure was a fun visit.