Inside Madrid's airport

Have you ever been to Madrid?  If you haven’t, it’s worth a visit.  It’s really a beautiful town.  If you have, then you have probably been through their amazing airport, Madrid Barajas.  It’s an architectural masterpiece.  I could wander here for hours, shooting away (and actually have).

On my first visit here, I noticed all this awesomeness upon arrival, but didn’t have time to walk around and shoot, so I just arrived extra early on my departure day.  But on a subsequent pass through the airport (when I was supposed to connect to Vienna) I had several free hours because I missed my flight.  

Missing flights sucks in the US, but usually it’s doubly bad when you are overseas and trying hard to get somewhere....because you just want to get there.  But on that day, I really couldn’t do anything about it, so I just accepted it and went walking and shooting like crazy here.  Anything can happen when you travel, so I find you just have to make the mental adjustment and go with the flow.  

In this case, going with the flow involved me shooting a million photos in the airport, eating a jamon Iberica sandwich or two, getting re-routed on a flight to Rome, then connecting to Vienna, and meeting a driver at the Vienna airport for a lift to Bratislava...and arriving about 7 hours late.  It happens.

Wandering in the Madrid airport

I just love the airport in Madrid. I mean I really love it.  Look at this place - it's an architectural wonderland! 

Last time I was there I had ~2 hours until my connecting I wandered, and wandered, and then wandered some more.  It was incredible.  Did I mention that I love this place?  

I decided to go ahead and post these handheld HDR's because I have been thinking about this airport a lot lately.  I will be passing through here again really soon so I am looking forward to more bracket-firing there!

And yes I realize these shots are very busy, with lots of angles and things going this way and that - but I just love this place and wanted to share, even if it looks like a mess.  :)

I will surely get some more beauties to share - plus I still have many more from last time!  Thanks for stopping by today - I sure do appreciate it!

Inside Madrid Barajas

This is one of the terminals at Madrid Barajas International Airport - isn't it incredible?  I was there last year but had very little time to shoot, but luckily on my recent trip to Ireland and Scotland last month, I passed through this airport again and had over 2 hours to wander.  I shot like crazy.  In this case, all the brackets I took there were handheld since my tripod was in my suitcase.  As I have said here before, architecture is something that I love and this place is just an incredible piece of work.  That ceiling just captures me.

A Spanish painter

I would like to be a good painter, though I don't invest any time in it.  My free time goes to photography, but I have a feeling that other creative endeavors would lead to improvements with the camera, too.  I do admire those that pursue painting as an art form, and have visible skills in it.  I guess that is one reason I enjoy going to museums - it's inspiring for me to see how others have been inspired, and what they were inspired to produce.  

This image was taken in Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain while I was there earlier this year.  I arrived at the Plaza and walked around for a while, taking in all the beautiful architecture and dodging tourists.  It's a hectic place, but all town squares tend to be so.

There was an older gentleman there, and he was working on this painting.  Despite all the noise and activity around him, he was in the zone - totally focused on his painting.  It was cool to watch.  He would just stare at it for a second, then sorta slice off some of this thick paint and smear it where it needed to go.  It was interesting to watch - sorta like watching a skilled athlete while they perform whatever it is they are good at.   I was happy to be the tourist and watch a skilled craftsman at work.  

Atocha Station, Madrid

Another post and run today - heading to the Seattle airport in a few so I can get home.  Thanks for the visits and comments this week, I really appreciate it!  I will catch up with everyone soon!

I cuaght this image while wandering around in Atocha Station, which is the central train station in downtown Madrid.  I like trains, and train stations, so if I come across one while traveling, I make sure to shoot there, even if I don't ride the trains (which I didn't in this case).  Thanks! 

A hole in the wall

I sure wish  I could provide some details around this shot, but I cannot.  I was wandering in Madrid, and was in the vicinity of the Prado Museum, which is a fabulous place.   I came across what seemed to be an ancient church, but of course the name escapes me.  The church was closed, and it was late in the day.  However, I did have the good sense to take this shot of a crumbling wall, so I guess the afternoon was not a total disaster, eh?? 

Under Madrid

Madrid has a nice and clean subway system, and I enjoyed riding around on it.  I enjoy underground trains, at least partly because we do not have them here in Texas.  It's a novelty to me I guess.  Anyways, this is a quick snap I took on one of my stops.  I thought it was a nice looking place, and since it was early on a Sunday morning, I had it all to myself.

Happy Memorial Day to any Americans reading this, and thanks to our Armed Forces for your service.  Hope everyone has a great Monday and a wonderful start to the week!

Inside Madrid's train station


have discovered through photography that I really like trains and especially train stations.  No idea where this came from, as I don't recall being overly excited about them as a young lad, but I am certain it has to do with the architecture in these beautiful places, especially in Europe.  They just speak to me.  Usually, they say "Get out the camera" hehe.  I took this shot in the main train station in downtown Madrid - Atocha station.  I didn't actually ride a train into Atocha station but rather came across it on my wanderings in the city, and of course had to take some shots.  Isn't it impressive?

I'll be on the road this week, so I am posting this on Sunday night and calling it my Monday post.   Thanks for stopping by and I'll catch up when I can!  Have a great week!

It's the little differences

As you have read here before (assuming this isn’t your first visit, that is - and if it is, thanks for stopping by!), I love taking pictures of signs.  I have no idea why, but I just really like them.  Street signs here in the U.S. are rather boring most of the time, but in Madrid’s historic old town they are these cool painted tiles which are mounted on buildings.   They just have the street name and some cool little painting.  So different, and so cool!  I took a lot of pictures of them.  This one was near the church of San Gines, which is one of the oldest churches in the city.  It reminds me of a little quote from Pulp Fiction - it’s the little differences... 

Vincent: But you know what the funniest thing about Europe is?

Jules: What?

Vincent: It's the little differences. I mean, they got the same s**t over there that we got here, but it's's just there it's a little different.

Plaza Mayor abstract

Madrid is rich with photographic opportunities. 

I was taking pictures of signs, people, food, buildings - you name it.  Yes, I said food.  I never take food shots, but there was a killer market there so I snapped some in that place too.  At some point I will do a post just on that market - it was a happening place!  

Even with limited time there in Madrid, I still fired off 450+ photos, so there is a lot more to get to (please bear with me!).  In the interest of variety though, I will continue to mix things up here on the blog, at least most of the time!  This is a bit of an abstract shot in the sense that it is just a portion of the grand facade of the large central building in their Plaza Mayor.  It was such a massive structure, and so beautiful, that I took lots of different shots from lots of different angles - a good way to spend the day!

To give you more context of what the building looks like, please see this previous post: 

Today’s photo is a portion of the large spire on the top right of the building in the 2nd photo on the above link - does that make any sense at all, or am I just rambling here?   Anyways, thanks for stopping by!