A close up of a fountain at Laguna Gloria Art Museum - Austin, TX

I enjoy taking these "little" shots nearly as much as the "big" ones.  I find it fascinating to try and capture something simple in an interesting way.  Not sure I actually do, but it's fun trying!

Distant memories

I am glad that August is over - it was hot.  We are still in for some hot times but getting to September means we are getting closer to those crisp, wonderful days in late Fall! I can't wait!

I shot this with my Hoya macro filter, which you can read about here: http://www.nomadicpursuits.com/hoya-macro-filter-review/

I intentionally went a little soft on the focus, and definitely wanted the aged/weather look, as I thought it was fitting considering the subject.  Stay cool out there!

Orange lily

I found this orange lily while walking around somewhere in Austin one day.  It was just sitting there looking pretty.  I enjoy macro shots of flowers and find it fun to see what sort of details you can bring out in the post-processing.  In this case I used PSE and Topaz Adjust.  Topaz Adjust really does a great job of helping to accentuate things like that, and it is a program that I use very frequently.  Single exposure, f/5.


I do love shooting macros and continue to experiment with this photographic style.  I have found that I can get pseudo-macro results with my 18-200 lens by putting it in manual focus, instead of auto-focus.  For some reason I can get closer to the subject in manual, within 12 inches or less.  On auto-focus I can only get within 18 inches or so, which just doesn't cut it for a macro.  I am sure there is some technical explanation for that but I don't know it!  In this case though I used my Hoya Macro Filters, which I enjoy quite a bit and you can read my review of them here:  http://www.nomadicpursuits.com/hoya-macro-filter-review/


Rockroom is an Austin-based winemaking cooperative that directs all profits into zero-interest microloans in the developing world.  Their socially conscious outlook is a great idea and, I might add, they make wonderful wine.  You can learn much more at www.rockroom.com.  We were at an event recently and the good folks from Rockroom were kind enough to donate some wine.  Being a bit of an oenophile, I chatted with their founder and of course took some pics of their wine.  This kind of work is really fun for me - with all the software options available today you can get really creative in terms of how you express yourself via a photo.  I went a little gritty on this one but really like how it turned out.  Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend! 

Poppy bokeh

This single poppy really stood out to me, and as you can see was standing taller than his peers.  I thought he was quite attractive.  I was also able to conjure some nice bokeh in the background so that always gets me a little fired up!

I have been traveling for work all this week in San Francisco, so I am way behind on photography but that is ok.  I did get some great shots while I was away so tune in next week to see some wonderful Northern California goodness!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! 

Antique horse head pole

So this shot is nearly a polar opposite from my last post.  Whereas the last shot was soft and subtle, this is more of a loud statement around texture and detail.  I found this horse head pole in the rear courtyard of a restaurant down in New Braunfels, TX and just loved all the texture and detail it possessed.  I have started looking more for "the little things", that is to say that I am no longer just trying to find beautiful landscapes to photograph (though they remain my fave).  I am enjoying shooting what I like to define as "common objects", or just "stuff" instead of "places".  I think you know what I am trying to say, though I don't think I am saying it too well!  The thing I find interesting about this style of photography is that it forces me to really pay attention to where I am, looking at objects and angles - and I think that makes me more aware of what I am doing with the camera on all my shots.

Single exposure at f/5.6 to get some intentional background bokeh, then ran it through PSE and Topaz Adjust to accentuate the detail and texture.

Old iron fence

I found this fleur-de-lis design atop an old fence post and just liked the aged and antiqued look of it.  I thought it made an interesting shot, especially with the crack in the wall running behind it.  This was a single exposure at f/6 and 0ev that I adjusted in Topaz Adjust.  Though I normally shy away from the Spicify setting in Topaz Adjust, I liked it on this object and thought it added some nice texture and also helped emphasize the antique look of the item.  I came across this at a restaurant.  After the meal, we were wandering around a bit in their rear courtyard, and I came across all sorts of interesting things to shoot, nearly all of which were old and rusted.  That kind of stuff is always fun to shoot so I went crazy with the camera there for a while - but that's nothing new!

Losing it


Well, not a lot of technical detail to discuss on this shot.  I was out to lunch with the family, and of course my camera was with me.  I liked the light streaming through the window in the background and I thought it cast a nice glow on the table.  I was looking at the glass and thought an ice cube could look nice sitting there, so I grabbed one and plopped it on the table...

I rather like the result.  It seems cinematic or artistic to me in some way.  I can't quite put an accurate description on it but think it is interesting in it's simplicity.  Maybe that is it...

By the way, the title of this photo is from a song by Rush of the same name.  It is awesome and if you are not familiar with it, I recommend that you go listen to it immediately.  They have a huge body of impressive work and I feel this ranks among their best.

Single exposure, f/5.6, 0ev, ISO 100.  Minor contrast adjustments in PSE and some straightening in Aperture.

Dew drops

The recent rain has caused a floral explosion here in Central Texas, and given us a mild spring the likes of which I can't really remember.  Then again, my memory sucks.  Either way, we are getting some great color and I am lovin' every minute of it.  This was shot in my backyard - you don't even have to leave home to get good photographs in this weather!

Single exposure, f/5,6. -1.3 ev.  Minor contrast adjustments in PSE and a little finish in Aperture.  Get out there and shoot some of these wonderful flowers!