Last light in La Jolla

Last light in La Jolla

A lovely sunset along the coast in La Jolla, CA...

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Old photos, new results

Old photos, new results

Do you ever go back and re-process photos that you have previously shared? I do that sometimes, and find that it's a great creative exercise.  But recently, I HAD to go back and re-create an old photo for a client, and it took me forever to make it look like how it looked when I first processed it, about 5 years ago.  And so I learned a lot in the process - and I am sharing those learnings and my observations in today's post.  Have a look!

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La Jolla Cove

Ahh, La Jolla.  That place just totally rocks!  Do people that live in SoCal just love it or what?  The beach is gorgeous, the weather is fabulous - pure bliss!  I caught this shot while wandering around on the beach there, waiting on the light to change.  You know, as photographers we spend some time waiting...and waiting...and waiting.  But, it's always worth it!

La Jolla portal

La Jolla, CA is just a fabulous place and I love the beach there.  That's about all I can say about that.  I was there on the beach, camera in hand, stepping on rocks, talking to seals (or are they sea lions??), and listening to waves crash around me.  It was pure heaven.  I took some pictures too.

Clouds over La Jolla


La Jolla is a little town situated on a beautiful stretch of Southern California coastline, just north of San Diego.  I was in San Diego on business and after work one day was able to squeeze in a drive up there, hoping for some cool beach or sunset shots.  Lucky me, I got both.  In fact I came home with a whole lot of shots from that trip, but for some reason I have not processed that many of them.  I should correct that!  This was just after I arrived.  The beach there is popular with tourists and sea lions, but luckily no tourists got in my way (I was happy to have the sea lions around).  It was a cloudy afternoon, which gave way to a cloudy sunset, which made me happy.

I am wrapping up a quick trip to Montreal, Canada today and got out last night for some photo time in Old Montreal.  It was great, and it's a beautiful area.  I posted an iPhone shot on my Facebook page, which I often do while traveling.  If you are interested in following me, you can "Like" my page here:

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Just another La Jolla sunset

Do you think folks that live along the coast in California ever get tired of looking at these fabulous sunsets?  I wonder if they are so used to them that they forget about them.  It seems like every time I have been out there and caught a sunset, it has been spectacular.  I wonder if they are spectacular every day.  As a photographer, it is hard to imagine living there and ever passing one of these things up!

King of the hill

These are some of my new friends.  I met them at a beach in La Jolla, CA.  Aren’t they awesome?  All kidding aside, I watched these creatures frolic to and fro and never noticed the time passing.  One even came in real close and was rubbing his head on a rock, barely 10 feet from me!  It was awesome and I got a lot of shots that day!  If you are ever in SoCal, I recommend a visit to La Jolla - you will not be disappointed!

Sunset at La Jolla Cove

While on my recent trip to San Diego, I was able to squeeze in a little camera time after work one day, and headed up to La Jolla for sunset.  It did not disappoint.  It is such a beautiful area, and luckily there were some nice clouds around.  I sat out on the rocks for a long while, though it seemed like mere seconds to me since it was so enjoyable.  It’s one of those places any photographer would love even without a camera in hand.  Anyways, I came home with a lot of images, most of which I have not had time to inspect but which will undoubtedly populate my photostream in the future.  Thanks for stopping by!

La Jolla mist

Ok, so technically this is not mist.  I was in La Jolla, CA (which totally rocks by the way!) and found myself at La Jolla Cove around sunset.  Obviously this was not an accident - I wanted to get some sunset shots in the area.  Who doesn’t, really?  It is such a beautiful area.  Anyways, I did reel off tons of photos there, from seascapes to sea lions and back again.  It was fairly dark and I was getting my gear together and about ready to leave, so I climbed back up to ground level and started for the car.  I happened to look back and saw this rock formation, where I had been standing for nearly an hour, from a different perspective.  In this case I went for a single long exposure, 14 seconds to be precise, and all the crashing waves just disappear into a fine mist...