The Indiana Statehouse

Indianapolis is a great town - though I jokingly refer to it as India-no-place - and I was really excited about my visit there.  I lived there as a young professional, back in the late 90's, and always thought it was a nice town.  It has a compact but vibrant downtown, and of course having seen many sites there before, when I arrived I knew that I would be a-clicking.  This is the ground floor interior of their State Capitol, known as the Indiana Statehouse.  It's not very large, but it's incredibly beautiful.  (Note my bias - our Capitol building in Austin is monstrous.  Sorry, can't help it - proud Texan writing this post.)  Anyways, I was given free rein there to run around and HDR the place like crazy - which I gladly did!  If you get to Indy, check it out!  It's right in the middle of downtown - can't miss it!  Thanks for stopping by!

Indy falls

Indianapolis is a nice town.  I lived there many years ago as a young adult, and found it to be a nice place with some great architecture and TONS of monuments.  When I returned on a business trip a while back, I knew I had to bring the camera for some HDR fun.  One place that is really cool is their White River State Park, which flows thru part of downtown and has some great stuff to shoot along the way.  I found a rather large waterfall while wandering, and rather than shoot the whole thing (which I couldn't really do without stepping backwards into the river itself), I opted to shoot some brackets of this portion of it - sort of a waterfall abstract.  Waterfalls always look cool in HDR to me, and that one looooong exposure really brings out the silky, flowing look that I like so much.

Leaves on a wooden bridge

Just a quick post today- been traveling a bit and trying to catch up!  This was a shot I took on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, in Indianapolis (of course).  I was walking around and came across this nice little bridge - and I am a big fan of bridges as photographic subjects - but could not get in any sort of position for a photo of the bridge itself.  It was last Fall when I was there, and since we do not get much of a Fall season here in Austin, I was very happy to find all these leaves scattered about.  Plus, I just love the colors that time of year! Hope everyone is having a great day, and thanks for the visit!

Indiana World War Memorial


There are a lot of memorials and monuments in Indianapolis - it's hard to decide which to shoot first!  I was wandering around downtown and sunset was approaching when I came across this imposing structure.  I got shots all around it and as I walked away, I took a look back and saw it with some of the highrises in the background.  It's really a nice city.  I lived there years ago, and never looked at it with a photographer's eye, but when I passed through on business I was snapping like crazy.


I was walking around the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and found this large sculpture which was a group of all the basic numbers, 0-9.  It was cool.  I walked all around it and snapped off a few.  They were arranged in seemingly random patterns.  They were huge too!  Anyways, I found it interesting.

Arches and marble

The inside of the Indiana Statehouse is very impressive.  I took a 30 minute detour through it when I was in Indy a while back and was glad that I did.  It just screams HDR.  There are 3 levels and all this marble, and all these columns and arches - it's worth a visit, camera in hand or not.  It is not a large structure - being from Austin I am used to a huge Capitol complex like ours - but it is beautiful and I am glad I squeezed in a few moments there, and doubly so that I had the camera!

Long and silky

As you may know from my previous posts, I am a big fan of shooting waterfalls in HDR.  They just come out so cool, especially with that one real long exposure in there.  This one was in Indianapolis, along the trail in their White River State Park.  Though it rained on me that day, I still got in a bunch of nice shots, so stay tuned for more!


I just love Fall, it is by far my favorite season and of course all the cool leaves and colors just make it that much more awesome.  I got this shot on a little wooden bridge on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, in Indy.  It just seemed like a nice representation of the season. 


I am drawn to fountains - it's that water thing again - but I rarely find myself shooting the entire thing.  I tend to just pick parts of it and focus in on that.  In this shot I was on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art and caught this image while I was walking over to shoot some other structures.  I obviously went for a very narrow focus this time but I like how that effect draws the eye in...

Soldiers and Sailors

I took a trip to Indianapolis not too long ago, and was happy to return there for the first time in over a decade.  It’s a nice town.  I like it.  There are a lot of interesting places to shoot there, like Monument Circle for example.  It’s a huge circle in the center of town and in the middle of it sits this wondrous (and huge!) monument and fountain.  From the web: 

The Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument is a 284 ft 6 in tall neoclassical monument in the center of Indianapolis, Indiana that was designed by German architect Bruno Schmitz and completed in 1901.  The monument was erected to honor Hoosiers who were veterans of the American Revolution, territorial conflicts that partially led up to the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, the US Civil War, and the Spanish American War.

So, I took lots of shots from various spots, and could never get it all in one view, so I opted to piece it up and HDR it from a few different angles.  I will drop those in sometimes and hope you enjoy them!  Thanks for stopping by!