Austin vs Dallas

Austin vs Dallas

Dallas is a big city - no surprise there - and as such, I always overlooked it as a photo destination.  But I came across a bunch of old Dallas photos in my library recently, and it gave me a new appreciation for the Big D as a photo destination.  There's actually a lot to shoot there!  So click on in and have a look - there are 17 photos that prove my point!

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Sunrise in Las Colinas

I caught a pretty nice sunrise in Dallas recently!

Note: I am still testing out my new Olympus mirrorless camera, and having a lot of fun doing so.  It's quite awesome.  I am taking it on some travels soon and will then write up a full review of my experience with it.  So far though, it's rockin'.

Ok, back to the photos.  I had to be in Dallas recently for work, and as such had a pretty packed schedule, so I had very limited time to shoot.  In fact, while in Dallas for 4 full days, I only broke out the camera once.  Luckily, it was an amazing sunrise so I got lucky!

That's one of the great things about the Olympus.  It's small and light, so if I bring it on a trip and don't get to shoot any, that's actually ok with me (obviously I prefer to shoot, but you know what I mean).  The reason it's ok?  I didn't lug a million pounds of gear all over the place.  The Olympus is so light in my bag that I almost don't notice it's there!  Love that!

Anyways, I was at a hotel in the Las Colinas area of Dallas (well, technically, it's Irving, TX but it's all Dallas really) and woke up at 6am one morning to see a decent looking sunrise coming together.  I hopped up, grabbed my stuff, and headed over to this spot for some shots.  

It worked out pretty well.

An architectural study of Dallas

Whenever I visit Dallas, I try to stay downtown in the West End so that I can walk around and explore some of the interesting areas there, such as the JFK Memorial at Dealey Plaza, the Old Red Courthouse and things like that.  I was walking in that area on my last visit when I looked up and caught this sight.  I was attracted to the collision of architectural styles presented here - the classic, subdued look of the building in the foreground; the Romanesque style, ornate design elements and bold colors of the Old Red Courthouse; and the futuristic look of the Reunion Tower rising in the background.  Perhaps it's symbolic that the futuristic one is rising and towering over the others?  Who knows - I just liked the contrasting styles.

Eyes on you

This is some wild graffiti I found while wandering in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas.  For anyone who hasn't been there - well, bring your camera.  I spent a couple of hours wandering down there, and I have a ton of cool, weird and random graffiti shots to share - stuff like this.  So, more to come!  Thanks for stopping by and I really appreciate the visit!

Blue hour in Plano, TX

Don't you just love to shoot in the morning?  I sure do.  You get great light, but no people are in your way. So, are you a morning person or a sunset person?  I seem to get more morning shots these days.  Just curious what everyone else does...

I spent the early part of this week up in Dallas (well, Plano technically, which is a northern suburb of Dallas, but it’s all part of the same massive concrete expanse so I’ll just call it Dallas :>) and didn’t really have much time for shooting, but I always seem to make a little time.  That’s only fair, right?  So I was up there for meetings, but got up in the morning and wandered out for a few minutes, hoping to catch an image or two.  I got quite a few in fact, but this is the only one I have processed so far.  It was windy as heck, which accounts for the lack of detail in the trees, but when I saw this pond I knew I could render a little HDR goodness with the reflections.  This is actually the Marriott Hotel at Legacy Town Center, if you know the area.  It’s a fairly nice area with a lot of shops and restaurants - not a bad place if you happen to be in town!

West End tracks

Sort of a gritty shot from the West End area of Dallas.  It had rained, and I came across these tracks, so I tried to pull out the details in the road and of course the reflection.  It was nearly dark but the sky was still a rich blue color so I guess you could say it was still blue hour.  When I look at this shot, it makes me think of street photography, which I always enjoy viewing.  That is something I want to explore a bit more.  I like street photography because the photographer has produced art from an everyday scene - which is cool.  Anyways, I am rambling so thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Back streets and alleyways

It is fun walking around back streets and alleyways, especially in a new place.  In this case, I was wandering around Dallas one evening.  Fortunately there had been a rain storm earlier that afternoon which left everything slightly wet and marginally cooler.  As much fun as it is to shoot “the big things” in new places, to me it is equally enjoyable poking around with the camera, looking for things that get little attention.  Sometimes these “random” images give me a better sense of place than the “big images”.  It is true that you never know what you will encounter, even if you have shot in the same place before.  I have re-shot many places in Austin, only to be surprised how different they appear, and how my approach to a subject has changed the second time around.  As I walked past this alley, I caught sight of that large tower in the distance and thought it could be an interesting shot, especially with the water flowing...

Waiting on a train

I find as I delve deeper into photography that I am liking trains more than ever.  I guess this was something deep inside, lying dormant, and it was awakened when I went to Kansas City and shot all around their Union Station.  This shot is from Dallas.  I was walking back to my room after a bit of shooting and saw this train coming, and just liked the look of it.  Nothing fancy, just a plain old photo, but I like the lights from the train, the puddles from the rain, the blue hour sky and the building lights coming to life.

Blue hour at the Red Museum

Ok, another blue hour shot but I can’t help myself!  I love shooting during that fleeting few moments when the sky turns this wonderful blue color.  It just rocks.  This is from my recent trip to Dallas.  I was wondering around downtown, post rainstorm, and had walked past the Old Red Museum and Courthouse a little earlier in the day.  I thought it could make an interesting photo, should I find the right comp and all that.  My earlier attempts were from across a street and I just couldn’t get anything without cars in the way - lots of traffic in the area.  So, I continued to stroll and found these wonderful neon-lit fountains just blasting away in an adjacent plaza.  This is right near the JFK Memorial if you know the area (that is the JFK Memorial in the far left, the big square concrete structure behind the trees and lamppost but in front of the taller office building) - I was basically behind the Old Red Museum.  Anyways, I am always interested in shooting water, whether in a fountain, waterfall, river or lake - so I walked around until I happened upon this angle.  Once I lined it up and fired some shots I knew it was going to come out to my satisfaction - hope you like it! 

Wet streets in the West End

Walking around with camera in hand while it is raining is not advisable, at least not if you value your equipment.  This thought came to me while I was getting rained on during my recent trip to Dallas. Fortunately, most of the nastiness passed and left the streets empty and wet, which makes me happy.  I was able to walk around virtually by myself, snapping this and that, and generally sweating like crazy due to the summer heat and humidity.  That's ok though - I like the look of wet streets and figured it was worth it!