The Lions of Costa Mesa

One night after dinner I was walking back to my hotel in Costa Mesa (Orange County), CA and noticed this fountain, though it was not running at that time.  I thought it could make a nice shot so the next morning before my meetings I went to check it out, and thankfully someone had switched them on.  I enjoy taking HDR shots of water, be it in a river, lake or fountain.  I was looking through my posts recently and noticed that water appears to be in a lot of them!  It's funny what you learn about your likes and dislikes when you look through your own photostream!  Anyways, in this shot I decided to focus rather tightly on that one lion, for some reason, and was drawn in by the repetitive pattern.

This is a 3 exposure HDR at f/6, with exposures of 0, -1 and -2.  Usually I take 5-6 exposures, so I am not sure why I didn't in this case.  This image was taken last November, so I can't remember that far back!  I merged them in Photomatix and made adjustments in PSE, Topaz Adjust, and Aperture. 

A night at the concert hall


This beautiful building sits in Costa Mesa, CA and is probably bustling several nights a week.  I happened to be here on business and was wondering around, looking for something to catch my eye.  It was obviously not a busy night at the concert hall so I had the good fortune to have the place all to myself (well, the outside at least).  Orange County has a really nice arts district, where they have this Concert Hall along with a couple of other buildings all sort of tossed in together, but it seems comfortable and not the least bit crowded.  The architecture of all the structures has a nice modern twist and the entire area is interesting.  Oh, and if you have the time, head around the corner and grab a pizza at Pizzeria Ortica - you will not be disappointed!

Engine 86

I was in CA on business, and was walking around with camera in hand, looking for something to focus on (pun intended).  Me and my teammate - who calls himself my faithful assistant since he ends up wandering with me on these trips - saw this firetruck in front of our office building and like all gawkers had to get a closer look.  The firemen were otherwise engaged helping someone do something - not sure who or what, but there was no fire - and so I took that opportunity to get a few pics before they decided it was a bad idea.  Thought it came out cool!

Orange County Performing Arts

This building is part of the Orange County Performing Arts Center and is located in Costa Mesa, CA.  I had a little free time that evening and this was literally across the street from my hotel.  I had seen it earlier in the day and knew I wanted to photograph it.  Architecture is something I have always liked, and this building, along with the strange looking sculpture in the middle of it, drew me in.  I was happily snapping off some photos until the police showed up.  They told me that I had to get a permit for taking photos there - but I was nearly done so I finished up while they approached.  Heehee.

Spitting Lions

I had seen these lion head fountains behind my hotel in Costa Mesa, CA one evening and thought they would make an interesting shot, if the light was right.  The next morning the area was blanketed in a misty sort of fog which just hung thick in the air but felt really cool to the skin.  Anyways, I headed over there to see if I could catch them in all their glory, hoping that they were actually spitting and not just sitting there.  Luckily they were working so I was able to snap a few. I like how the 4th one down seems to be going for the distance record...

South Coast Repertory

This is the South Coast Repertory Theatre in Costa Mesa, CA.  I was walking around, camera in hand, looking for some things to shoot (as is often the case).  My hotel was just a short walk away and after wandering around for a bit I came upon this building.  I am frequently drawn in by architecture, and at night the twinkly lights helped capture my attention too.  The Orange County Performing Arts Center is on the other side of this building, which was hosting some big production so lots of folks were out and about.  Fortunately there weren't too many folks on this side so I was able to get a nice clear shot of the building.