Sunset in Corpus Christi

This is a really old photo - and I just brought it to life!

Ahhh, the power of software.  I am not secretive or ashamed that I use software to make my photos better.  I love doing it, and I love sharing what I do.  It's just fun.  Some people don't like that photos are adjusted, but I don't care.  It's ok if they don't like the idea of adjusting photos by using various software products - everyone can make up their own minds about these things, of course - but I just disagree.

I believe that photos NEED to be adjusted.  They just look better...much better.  Plus, the camera doesn't actually capture it the way it was anyways.  Cameras just make some decisions here and other decisions there, depending on what you tell it to do...and then it still isn't the same as what you saw.  Anyways, I am somewhat off topic here.

I took this photo several years ago while in Corpus Christi, TX on a little vacation with the family.  I still remember this clearly.  We had an early dinner, and when we were departing the restaurant, this was the scene I saw.  It was beautiful, so I took a quick single exposure.

But, when I started processing it the other day, I decided to give it a bit more punch than the scene actually had.  I gave it more of a golden hour touch and just generally ended up with something that wasn't exactly what I saw, but I like it.  So, here it is.  It's art, and it's my art, so I did what I wanted here.  That's cool right?  Here's a screenshot, in case you are curious.

Sometimes it's about the color

There are lots of rules about photography (really, more like guidelines) but sometimes for me it’s just about the color.  

Marina reflections

Since yesterday's post about the Guinness Brewery was a bit longer than normal (and I have a lot more to come from there!), I will make today's post short and to the point.  I was out at sunrise in Corpus Christi, TX one morning last summer, and found this wonderful marina.  The light was just right.  How's that for short?  :)   Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Palmetto sunrise

I'm back....

As some of you may know, I spent last week in the UK - Dublin, Ireland and in the Scottish countryside near Glasgow, to be specific.  It was fabulous.  I saw many sights, and I took many, many pictures.  In fact, I have over 2100 shots to sort through.  I just haven't gotten to them yet.  So, look for some cool stuff coming soon, with some good stories to go with them!

Also, I want to thank everyone for the visits and comments last week.  I have not been too good about returning the favor, and plan to do so this week.  For those of you who do visit but do not comment, that's ok too (but go ahead and say something if you like!).

As far as this shot goes, I grabbed it last summer while in Corpus Christi, TX.  I got up early one morning to get out and shoot the sunrise, which was beautiful.  The color was just inbelievable that morning!

Just another amazing sunset

I just love sunset.  I actually tend to be more of a sunrise guy, but it seems more often than not the environmental forces align to create more drama in the skies at sunset.  I am certain someone knows why that is - if I am even correct - but either way, as photographers we are happy to have pretty things to point our cameras at.  I caught this one while dining on the top floor restaurant of a hotel in Corpus Christi, TX last summer. 

You know how you can just tell that something awesome is about to happen in the skies?  It's almost like you can feel it coming.  Something about photographing enough sunsets that justs gets you into a heightened awareness at that time of day.  I tend to start getting fidgety and in this case just had to get up from dinner for a few minutes to get some shots.  Can you blame me? 

Man shoots dolphin

Hehe, a whimsical title for a whimsical shot today my friends!  No man in his right mind would ever shoot a dolphin anyways - or a mermaid or unicorn - lest he wanted an army of 9 year old girls to come beat him up!

I caught this one while wandering in the depths of the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, TX.  We were there at the end of last summer, and had descended underground to see the dolphin tank from below.  It's pretty cool down there (literally and figuratively) and a great way to escape the oppressive heat and humidity.  I knew the moment I entered the room that I was going to get some sweet silhouette action. It was just a matter of waiting for the right shot to line up - and for a dolphin to swim by!

Moon over palms

Just a quick post, as all of us here in the US are heading into a long holiday weekend.  I snapped this one on the go last summer in Corpus Christi, TX while out to dinner.  I just loved the sunlight on the palms, with passing clouds and the moon overhead.

Corpus Christi cathedral

Two summers ago while we were in Corpus Christi, TX for a family getaway to the beach, I stumbled upon this wonderful cathedral in the heart of the town.  Sadly, it was on a Sunday morning, and that is quite obviously the wrong time to show up and photograph a cathedral!  So, I made a mental note and vowed to return.

When we were in Corpus this past summer, I made my way over there on a Saturday, sort of midday.  I tried a couple of doors and finally, BINGO!  I was in.  The best part is that I had it all to myself.  I don't attend church regularly or have a "home" church, but I sure do enjoy those quiet moments in someone else's church.

Corpus Christi from above

Corpus Christi, TX sits on the Texas coastline and is a few short hours away from Austin.  We have gotten into a little pattern of heading down there at the end of the summer, sort of the last hurrah of the season for the family.  You can get this fabulous view of the city if you visit the USS Lexington, which is situated there and serves now as a museum.  It's a WWII era aircraft carrier, and it's huge!  I went out to the end of the flight deck, and leaned over a little to get this skyline shot.  Great clouds huh?

This is Brian

Brian is an interesting dude.  I met him on the beach in Corpus Christi, TX.  I had seen him earlier walking around, the beard swaying in the breeze.  I thought to myself "If I get a chance I would like to take his picture".  I got the chance a little while later.

My first thought when I saw him was "beach bum", which is obviously the sterotypical thing to think, and I don't like to automatically jump to conclusions.  But, I was on the beach, and he has the look...

Brian is from somewhere, but nowhere in particular (I believe that is what he said - he wouldn't really answer that question).  He is just hanging out and is trying to make his way down to South America.  He feels that we are on the cusp of a New World Order, and that South America will be at the center of it.  He hopes to make it there before it all happens.  He also talked a lot about religion and how America is the new Israel, or something like that.  I couldn't really follow his logic, if that's what you call it.  Anyways, he was kind and (seemingly) gentle, and was gracious enough to pose for a few shots.

Good luck, Brian.  I hope you are making progress on your journey.

Here are a few more shots of him: