An amazing sunset in Carmel

An amazing sunset in Carmel

An incredible sunset on the beach in Carmel, CA - I was quite happy that evening!

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Catching sunset in Carmel

Catching sunset in Carmel

A stunning sunset in Carmel, CA - an incredibly quaint and beautiful spot in northern CA!

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Point Lobos seascape

I was in San Jose, CA for 1 night last week, and that’s torture.  Not because 1 night business trips are hard - well, they can be but that’s not it.  And it has nothing to do with San Jose...I like that town.  The reason it’s torture is because San Jose is SOOOOO close to Carmel, CA....and Carmel is a dream.  And I could not get there.  Hence, the torture part. 

I love Carmel and do hope to return again...sooner rather than later of course!  We spent about a week there a while back, and I still have a lot of pics to share from that trip.  I suppose I will never catch up, but that’s half the fun of it.  I go through my library and come across shots I love from places I adore...and it takes me back.

This is from Point Lobos which is a short drive south of Carmel.  Everything there is beautiful.  You should go.

On Carmel Beach

Carmel, CA is an incredible town.  It’s like a little English village in some ways, except it is situated on the beautiful Pacific coast in Northern California.  I love it there.  If I could afford it, I would seriously consider living there.  It’s just great.

Anyways, we were there for a family vacation one week, and did our best to spend time on the public beach, which is a short stroll from the main street shopping and dining area.  I of course had my camera with me and at every opportunity, I was snapping some photos.  In other words, I was taking pictures about every three seconds.  This one was taken a little while before sunset, late one afternoon, while we were enjoying the incredible weather, standing on an incredible beach, on the edge of an incredible little town.  I want to go back.

A Carmel sunset

So many sunsets, so little time...

I caught this one in Carmel, CA on the public beach there.  It's a wonderful town to visit and I highly recommend just about everything about it.  Well, except for the prices, that is.  :)

Technicals: Nikon D40x, handheld single exposure at f/7.1, Sigma 18-200 zoom lens (at 52mm)

Software: Color Efex Pro, Aperture

Monterey drifter

Ok, after the last post I promised myself the next couple would be short - though I hope you enjoyed the interview with Thomas Hawk!  I caught this image of a jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is an awesome place.  If you are ever in the area, be sure and check it out!

Too early for tea

I love Carmel.  Everything about it is just awesome.  One place in particular that I love is this little English Tea Room, called The Tuck Box.  I made it a point to dine there one morning - and enjoy the tea - and it just adds to the allure of this town, in my book.  Since the architecture is so...well, English...I just had to come back early one morning during my stay there and snap it while the rest of the town was still in bed.  Doesn't it look like a Hobbit is about to walk out?

Churning seas

Just a bit of a post and run here - long week of travel behind me and heading out again right away (but this time for fun).  Thanks for the visits and all that this week, I really appreciate it!

I caught this one at Point Lobos State Reserve which is just outside of Carmel, CA.  It's an incredible place full of natural beauty, so be sure and pack the camera when you visit!  And keep the camera dry, those waves get a little crazy!

Dreamy Carmel sunset

Sunset on the beach in Carmel, CA is always a great way to wrap up a day.  This one was very colorful, which is always nice!  For this shot, I went with a little different processing, opting for sort of an Impressionistic look and a dreamy feel overall.  It seemed fitting to do so, since I dream of going back!

Washed ashore

There is just something about wandering around on a beach that people seem to like, including me.  I think we all have some distant hope that we will discover something valuable, or amazing, or historical, or at least interesting.  (Spanish Galleons would be cool!  Plus I could sell them to a museum and buy a lot of new camera gear!!  Ok, back to reality.)  

Sadly, in most cases I think we just find junk.  In this case, I was wandering at China Cove in Point Lobos State Reserve (just outside of Carmel, CA) and didn't have to look very hard to find this large clump of kelp.  I am not sure how things this large get dislodged from their grove out at sea, but sure enough there it was, waiting to be photographed.