Skylum Preannounces Luminar 4 with AI Sky Replacement!

Well friends, this is interesting news. Skylum has preannounced Luminar 4 for later this year (no date given), and at this point at just speaking about a killer new feature: AI Sky Replacement. Yes, you can quickly and easily replace a sky using this filter. It does the masking for you, saving you a ton of time on what can be a frustrating and painful process.

I do not have the product yet, and thus cannot comment on how well it works, but using the sample images they sent us, I have made a video wherein I examine their samples and talk about how well this thing appears to work (short version - seems to work pretty dang well!).

For those of you with Luminar 3 and curious about what this means for upgrade paths, pending features you have expected, and all of that - I do not know. I am waiting to learn more about that as well, and will share as soon as I learn something. Thanks for watching!

Preorder Luminar 4 here:

Learn more about Luminar 4 here:

And their blog post is here: