AirMagic by Skylum: First Look and Preorders!

Well, Skylum has done it again - another new product that’s really fun to use!

Today Skylum is announcing AirMagic, an AI-powered editing software product for aerial photographs. It was created to automatically resolve issues inherent to aerial photography.

AirMagic works by first detecting the drone camera used to produce an image, then analyzing its lens and color profile. From there, it makes automatic lens corrections and other camera-specific optimizations. AirMagic uses smart algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to evaluate each photograph, applying modifications such as color reveal, haze removal, sky enhancement, and other finely tuned adjustments to make each photo look just as it was intended.

AirMagic will retail for an affordable price of just $39. Mixed computer households can share the same product key for Mac and PC, and each license can be activated on two devices. AirMagic comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Pre-orders for AirMagic will begin March 7, 2019 with a release date of March 21, 2019.

Preorder AirMagic here:

During the preorder, along with AirMagic, customers will receive a huge pack of bonuses worth $145.99 — the Drone Photography Guide eBook ($19), “Shoot Professional Photos with Any Drone” video course ($74.99), one AirMagic Premium Style ($12), and a $40 discount on a Lume Cube lighting kit for drones.

Here’s my first look video…because you know I like to make videos about this stuff!

Some features you want to know about:

  • Auto detects your drone camera and makes lens corrections (raw only) and other camera-specific optimizations such as distortion, chromatic aberration and vignetting

  • Automatically enhances your photo - analyzes the images and makes improvements

  • Drag and drop any file, including raw files

  • Works as a plugin for PS and LR and a Photos extension

  • Has several creative styles built in (like presets)

  • Works on colors, removes haze, enhances the sky and more

  • Sync edits across images

While it’s simple on the outside, under the hood there is a lot going on:

  • color recovery

  • JPEG fix - suppresses compression artifacts

  • Foliage enhancement - color and sharpness

  • Auto Color Temperature

  • Auto Lens correction

  • Smart Dehaze

  • Sky enhancement

  • Exposure compensation

  • Natural Light Correction - keep appropriate tones to best represent time of day

  • Noise reduction 

  • Tint perfection

Thanks for checking this out and let me know if you have any questions!