Some random shots from LA...

I made a short visit to Los Angeles last year, just for fun. My daughter really wanted to go see LA (ok, Hollywood mostly), and though I had been nearby the city many times, I had never really been IN the city. So we went. It was mostly for her entertainment (that is, NOT for my photography) so I only brought a single prime lens for some random snaps here and there.

Sometimes a trip like that is exactly what I need. I can release myself from any expectations of "getting the shot" because the trip isn't about that, and instead I can just enjoy being somewhere without any artistic pressure that I often put on myself. I can relax into the adventure of it all and take a few documentary-style photos along the way. I actually think I ought to do that more's refreshing.

So here are a few images from various spots around Hollywood, taken while wandering aimlessly and looking for movie stars. Never saw any. :-)