Aurora HDR Performance Update and Special Bonus Offer!

There's a new performance update out for Aurora HDR 2018 and a great bonus offer too!

Quite a few performance updates have been added to Aurora HDR - both for Windows (especially for Windows, actually!) and also for Mac. Plus there is a great bonus offer that is good until July 4. Check out the details below and get it while it's hot!

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Here's my video summary of the bonus offer, the performance update, and a workflow example, too!

Here are the essential updates to Aurora HDR 2018:

  • Speed boost for editing and adjusting. They’ve dramatically increased performance across all areas of Aurora HDR 2018 1.2.0 on Windows and Mac.
  • Fast single-file opening. With an improved image processing engine, Aurora HDR is now much faster when opening single files.
  • Loupedeck integration (Mac version only). Now, users can quickly process photos in Aurora HDR using physical dials, knobs, and keys.
  • Batch processing (for Windows). Aurora HDR 2018 1.2.0 will allow Windows users to edit a large number of photos simultaneously.  
  • Better memory management. Aurora HDR 2018 1.2.0 is also optimized to make better use of memory, with more intelligent memory management and improved stability.
  • Windows version catches up to Mac version. Windows users will receive a flip/rotate tool, bringing Aurora HDR for Windows more in line with its macOS counterpart.
  • Aurora HDR now supports more cameras than before.

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Special Bonus Offer on Aurora HDR 2018 - good until July 4! Bonuses are worth $148 including Trey's full HDR tutorial!

  • 119 Dramatic & Romantic Sky overlays ($29 value) – The ultimate collection of 119 dramatic high-res sky overlays to turn photos with boring skies into eye-catching works of art.
  • Complete HDR Tutorial by Trey Ratcliff ($99 value) – This entirely new HDR tutorial is perfect for beginners to mega-advanced professionals who want to see all of the latest post-processing techniques. Lisa and Trey discuss their artistic inspirations and challenges, how they compose a shot, their camera settings, and much more. You’re then transported back to Trey’s studio where he slowly takes you step-by-step through his latest techniques.
  • Deep Dive into Aurora HDR 2018 video by Trey Ratcliff ($20 value) – Trey Ratcliff, the most famous HDR photographer, shares his editing process in the new Aurora HDR 2018.

Here are details on the improvements in the Windows version:

  • Performance boost when editing and adjusting
  • Faster export
  • Better stability and memory management
  • Batch processing added
  • Added layers menu and layer options menu
  • Ability to rename layers
  • UX improvements
  • Quick loading of single RAW files
  • Hover on blends
  • Added white balance color picker
  • Localisation fixes
  • Changed order of preset categories
  • UI fixes and improvements
  • Added histogram to tone curve filter
  • Improved stability of Dodge & Burn filter
  • Added context menu in the filters menu
  • New camera support
  • Better Windows document support
  • Added flip/rotate
  • Exif saving to document fixed
  • Loupedeck integration
  • Improved opening of .DNG image

Here are details on the improvements in the Mac version:

  • Performance boost when editing and opening single files
  • Faster export
  • Loupedeck integration
  • Better brackets sorting during Batch processing
  • Better memory management
  • Plugin stability improved
  • New camera support
  • Better export performance
  • Fixed brush drawing
  • Improved opening of .DNG image

Hey Jim, what the heck is Loupedeck integration??

Great question and I am glad that you asked. :-) Loupedeck is a photo-editing console that allows you to use dials and knobs to move some of the sliders in Aurora HDR. In other words, you can fine-tune your image via Loupedeck instead of trying to move sliders to the exact spot. Just spin the proper dial and "dial it in". There are all sorts of controls on this thing, and it's pretty awesome. It was designed to work with Lightroom (and it does), but now it works for Aurora HDR too!

You can read more on the Loupedeck website here:

When I was working the Skylum booth at Photo Plus Expo in NYC back in October of last year, the gents from Loupedeck came by and I spoke with them for a bit. So I saw a demo on the product in Lightroom and it was really cool. I am eager to try this out in Aurora HDR and hopefully someday in Luminar, too. I will be sure and let you know how it goes!

    Ok friends, that covers it for this Aurora HDR update. Any questions?

    As usual, thank you for stopping by, please let me know if you have any questions, and I will do my best to assist!

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