Massive Luminar Update + Special Offer with Amazing Bonuses!


You all know that I LOVE using Luminar to edit my photos - I really think it’s the best thing out there, period. I use it all the time (and make a LOT of videos about it, too). Now it’s getting better with this massive and free update for current users. This update features over 300 improvements and updates that make the app faster, more responsive and useful than ever. They have made some significant performance enhancements that allow you to edit your photos much faster.

Of course speed is only part of the news. They’ve dramatically improved the RAW Develop filter for even cleaner images with better color and less noise. They’ve also added several features to the Windows version of Luminar that bring it much closer to the Mac version. I know the Windows users will be excited about this! More details below.

First, let's cover the special offer...

A "HOT DEAL" on Luminar + some great bonuses, too!

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  • Current users of Luminar may upgrade for $49 ($39 with coupon code JIMNIX)

  • New users can purchase Luminar 2018 for $69 ($59 with coupon code JIMNIX)

A collection of bonuses will also be included with every purchase. Details below.

OFFER AVAILABILITY: April 12 - April 29

Bonuses included in the offer:

• Luminar 2018: the most powerful and technologically advanced photo editor for Mac & Windows (worth $69) - Luminar 2018 is a fast, versatile, and intuitive image editor, which can take your workflow from RAW file to fully finished image without needing to use any other image editor.

• The Complete Landscape Photography Guide ebook from Photzy (worth $50) - An outstanding guide written by professional photographer and writer Kent DuFault. This ebook has something for everyone, with 237 pages packed full of information and assignments that will transform your landscape photography.

• Aerial Photography & Video with Matt Granger (worth $79) - World-renowned photographer, Matt Granger will share planning, shooting and editing aerial stills and video. Matt will also demonstrate editing with Luminar 2018 on his still aerial images..

• Photography Tutorial by Daniel Kordan (worth $29) - Extensive tutorial with a full workflow demonstration by expert landscape photographer Daniel Kordan. This tutorial includes shooting and post-processing images in Luminar 2018.

• 119 Dramatic & Romantic Sky overlays (worth $29) - This is an amazing addition to your photo editing workflow, and will help give boring skies that ‘wow!’ factor.

• Splitsville Presets By Brian Matiash (worth $15) - Add a professional polish to your images with these cool presets.

Pretty nice bonus collection, right?

Now back to the performance updates...this is great stuff my friends.

Skylum dramatically increased the speed of editing across all areas of Luminar. Images open faster. Filters apply quicker. The entire application is more responsive. The team dug into all the code to optimize and refine the application. This is the fastest Luminar ever… in fact you should be able to see the difference with every tool and command. Most users will see snappier sliders for easier adjustments, and Luminar better uses your system for faster performance with many operations seeing significant boosts.

They also made numerous interface and user experience improvements based on your feedback for an improved editing experience. They’ve built-in several improvements to add stability as well as to improve performance when editing even the largest of images.

Better RAW Conversion, too!

Skylum understands that the key to every great image is how you handle the RAW file. That’s why they keep improving their RAW engine.

• Better exposure calculation. They refined the initial brightness setting for RAW files so it is a perfect match to how your camera saw the scene.

• Cleaner gradients. They improved the de-mosaic process for even cleaner image conversion. This means smooth transitions in areas like skies and shadows for accurate color and less noise.

• Fewer halos. Have an image with high contrast areas? Be sure to use the improved Defringe option (under the Lens tab) to help with backlit areas or strong contrast.

• More cameras, better compatibility. Now even more RAW formats can be edited natively with the RAW Develop filter. Plus they refined a bunch of existing camera modules for even better RAW conversion.

• No more chromatic aberration. Does your lens show color artifacts in high contrast or backlit areas? Get rid of those green and cyan shifts with an even easier to use Auto Chromatic aberration removal option.

Remove lens distortion automatically

Getting the perfect shot is now easier than ever. The RAW Develop and Develop filters analyze your image and its metadata to calculate an Automatic Lens Distortion fix that you can apply in one-click. Get rid of wide angle distortion and get truer perspective lines and more attractive portraits. Simply apply the Develop or Raw Develop filter and then choose the Lens tab and check the box under Auto Corrections for Lens Distortion.

The most essential features of the update are:

  1. Speed (Performance & adjustments): They dramatically increased the speed of editing across all areas of Luminar 2018.
  2. Automatic Lens Correction: The RAW Develop filter analyzes your image and the metadata to calculate a one click Automatic Lens Distortion fix.
  3. Enhanced image quality on image view:  Most of the demosaic and green equilibration issues have been fixed.
  4. DCP Profiles Support (for the Mac version only. Coming to Windows soon): Luminar 2018 recognizes the industry standard DCP files that you may already have on your computer (or have bought from third parties).
  5. Import speed (for the Mac version only. Coming to Windows soon): re-engineered RAW import, optimized for speed.
  6. Windows version catches up with Mac: Added Batch processing feature, Free Transform image feature, Flip/Rotate image feature to the Windows version.

Here is a full list of the new features and improvements:


  • Fast RAW opening;
  • Super fast image editing and adjusting;
  • Faster image export;
  • DCP Profiles support;
  • Automatic Lens Correction (fix Lens Distortion, remove Chromatic Aberration and Defringe);
  • Enhanced image quality on image view - most of the demosaic and green equilibration issues have been fixed;
  • Big number of stability fixes;
  • UI and UX improvements;
  • Localisations updated (German, Japanese, Chinese & more).


  • Super fast image editing and adjusting;
  • Faster image export;
  • Batch processing feature;
  • Free transform image feature;
  • Flip/Rotate image feature;
  • Automatic Lens Correction (fix Lens Distortion, remove Chromatic Aberration and Defringe)
  • Big number of stability fixes;
  • UI and UX improvements;
  • Localisations updated;
  • Added ability to change localisation language in the application main menu;
  • Fixes with color profiles on export/in plugin mode;
  • Preview mode feature added (F hotkey);
  • Enhanced image quality on image view - fixed most of demosaic and green equilibration.

Well friends, that covers it for today. I hope this has been insightful and if you have questions, just let me know. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Don't forget that this offer expires on April 29, and the bonuses will be gone then, too!
  2. Also, if you are new to Luminar and need training, check out my extensive training video collection on YouTube!
  3. And lastly, if you are interested in presets to use in Luminar, I have plenty of those available too (though they are for sale). You can find them right here on the blog.

Now go take some photos and edit them in Luminar! Have fun!